A young 18-year-old Guyanese was sentenced to three years in prison by the Nîmes criminal court, including one year suspended.

He was appearing for possession, transport, and smuggling of narcotics.

He had been arrested Monday at Nîmes station by customs officers.

While he told the agents to come and spend a month's vacation with his cousin, he did not have a suitcase.

He was carrying only a bag, in which the investigators found an extinguished telephone, a drug to delay intestinal transit and a plane ticket.

The scanner reveals the presence of the drug bags in the stomach

At the hospital, the scanner revealed the presence of numerous drug sachets in the stomach.

He eventually expelled 89 bags containing a total of 827 grams of cocaine.

All for a value of more than 36,000 euros.

Not very talkative in court, he was also fined a customs fine of 33,000 euros.

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