The Internet media of Maria Ressa, a Filipino journalist who won the Nobel Peace Prize, has been revoked from the authorities.

She has criticized the Duterte administration's powerful stance, and she criticizes her as a threat to force the media to shut down.

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission has announced that it has canceled the corporate registration of the Internet media "Rappler" represented by Maria Ressa, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, on the 28th.

The reason is that it violated the media's foreign capital regulations stipulated by law.

Mr. Lessa, who has criticized the Duterte administration for its freedom of the press, was the first Filipino to win the Nobel Prize last year, but President Duterte, who was criticized for the hard crackdown on drug crime, is "Rappler". The administration has accused the report of "fake news" and has tightened the tightening by appealing for defamation in the trial.

Mr. Lessa criticized the cancellation of the company registration as a threat to force the media to shut down, and indicated that he would continue to fight the administration by filing a new trial in the future.