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In the spotlight: “the breathtaking” Cassidy Hutchinson

Cassidy Hutchinson, former assistant to Trump's White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, testifies June 28, 2022 as former President Donald Trump reacted in his vehicle after being told he could not surrender at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. © AP/Jacquelyn Martin

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Cassidy Hutchinson made the front page of most American daily newspapers this Wednesday.

She appears, white jacket over a black top, her head held high facing a pack of journalists, on the front page of the

New York Times


She, who at the time was only a “ 

rising student on a summer internship at the White House

 ”, “ 

has distinguished herself as the most powerful witness to date before the House of Representatives



Toronto Star

, in Canada, even wonders if “ 

she is the one who will finally make Donald Trump dive


For two hours that the

New York Times

considers " 


 ", and live on television, Cassidy Hutchinson " 

described an unbalanced former president




 ” is also the term used by the editorialists of the

Washington Post

on Wednesday, for whom the testimony of the former assistant “ 

will go down in history as one of the most damning testimonies ever heard on an American leader.


An “ explosive

” testimony 

 , adds

USA Today

, during which Cassidy Hutchinson “ 

quietly dropped several bombs


A partisan commission?

What will be the impact on the midterm elections?

For the

Wall Street Journal

, "

 Democrats want to use the January 6 survey to paint the entire Republican Party as a bunch of insurgent lunatics



 The commission is steeped in partisanship

 ," confirms the business daily, " 

but that doesn't mean Republicans should look away from the considerable evidence it produces about Donald Trump's behavior


He believes that this information " 

would certainly be relevant

 " to voters if the former president were to run in 2024.


Washington Post

fears that " 

too few Americans are paying attention

 " to these hearings.

He calls for a broad, bipartisan coalition whose main objective would be to “ 

protect American democracy



Americans need to get out of their complacency.

The stakes are higher – and the time shorter – than they realize


Ecuador still paralyzed by high cost of living protest

On Tuesday, President Guillermo Lasso escaped impeachment.

The motion against the head of state won only 80 votes out of the 92 needed to dismiss him.



Guillermo Lasso remains at the head of the executive

 ”, writes



This is the conclusion of three days of debate in the Assembly where the president was accused of being responsible for the strike called by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie).

A group with which Guillermo Lasso has suspended negotiations.

The Ecuadorian president said he could not dialogue with “ 

those who try to take peace hostage


He denounces the attack on a fuel convoy in the Amazon, attributed to protesters, as well as the death of a soldier and the interception of another convoy which was bringing oxygen to hospitals.

All these acts are attributed to the protesters.

Acts also denounced by

La Hora

in its editorial of the day.


Since when is terrorism a valid argument?

 asks the daily.

Same story in

El Universo

which also accuses supporters of former President Correa of ​​adding fuel to the fire.


Whatever happens between the government and Conaie, between the government and the Assembly, there will be a loser: the ordinary citizens of the urban and rural areas of the country

 ", regrets

El Comercio



The clashes have done a lot of damage and have further fractured Ecuador


Treasures at the bottom of dry Lake Mead

Back to the United States: in the American West, the level of Lake Mead continues to drop dangerously.

The largest reservoir in the country provides electricity to 350,000 homes and water to some 25 million people.

Still, its level dropped to about a quarter of its original size.

And when the water drops, we sometimes make strange discoveries!

It has “ 

become a source of morbid fascination for visitors and longtime residents alike

 ,” writes The

Washington Post


At the bottom of Lake Mead, we have already found " 

handguns, baby strollers (...) Prada sunglasses, exploded ammunition, real human jaw bones, fake human skeletons

 " or even “ 

dozens of sunken boats


It is these wrecks that make Sunday fishermen dream, suggests the newspaper.

But be careful, impossible to embark on a treasure hunt with metal detectors or large magnets, because Lake Mead is on federal land.

The drying up of this reservoir is a real problem for the region.

It has already caused the Hoover Dam to reduce electricity production, " 

because a smaller lake means less pressure on the turbines and less efficient production


That could mean less water for agriculture in California and Arizona, two states that produce about a quarter of the nation's fruits and vegetables ," the

Washington Post




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