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On the afternoon of the 16th, taxi driver A started a long-distance trip from Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, with a female passenger who asked "Go to Yeoksam-dong, Seoul."

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However, about 20 minutes later, they suddenly changed their destination and requested to go to Ansan Station, Gyeonggi-do.

From then on, Mr. A said, "I thought it was suspicious because it is rare for a passenger to change their destination to another area at a long distance while driving."

Even after arriving at the destination, the passenger took out money from a bag full of cash to pay the fare, and after getting off the phone, he made a phone call and took a picture of where he was standing. and reported it to the police.

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The police, who received the report, rushed to the scene within 3 minutes and arrested the woman in front of Ansan Station.

Investigation revealed that the woman was a cash collector for a voice phishing organization, as expected by the taxi driver.

Ansan Danwon Police Station has decided to select A as a 'phishing keeper' and award a citation and report compensation.

Netizens responded, "Thanks to the knight's eye, you prevented a lot of damage. You did a great job~", "The phishing criminals targeting the elderly are so disgusting. A much stronger punishment is needed."

(Screen source: Facebook Gyeonggi Southern Police)