NATO = Secretary General of NATO Stoltenberg said Turkey, which had been reluctant to join Finland and Sweden in Northern Europe, turned to support before the NATO summit, and both countries made great strides toward joining NATO. Announced that it was done.

Finland and Sweden, which have remained military-neutral following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, applied for NATO last month, but Turkey, a member country, has been designated as a terrorist organization by Turkey. They have been reluctant to join, claiming that both countries are supporting human armed organizations.

This was discussed on the 28th before NATO's summit in Madrid, Finland, with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, Swedish Prime Minister Andeshon, Turkish President Erdogan, and NATO Secretary-General Stortemberg. ..

Then, at a press conference after the talks, Secretary General Stoltenberg announced that Turkey has turned to support for the accession of both countries and that both countries have made great strides toward joining NATO.

At the summit meeting from the 29th, it will be decided to formally start the accession negotiations between the two countries.

Prior to the announcement, the two Scandinavian countries and Turkey's foreign ministers signed an agreement, in which Turkey and Turkey should establish a legal framework for the delivery of suspected terrorists. Etc. are shown.

Britain's Prime Minister Johnson has welcomed the members, including posting on Twitter that "if the two countries join, this wonderful alliance will be stronger and safer."