In accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, public security organs across the country have closely combined with the "Hundred Days of Action" to crack down on rectification in summer, and further promote the special campaign to crack down on pension fraud. So far, more than 7,880 cases of infringement on the rights and interests of the elderly have been successfully cracked, and criminal suspects have been arrested. More than 17,510 people, more than 1,040 illegal and criminal gangs were destroyed, and economic losses of more than 8.4 billion yuan were recovered for the people, and significant phased results were achieved.

  The Ministry of Public Security has deployed public security organs across the country to launch a six-month-long special campaign to crack down and rectify.

The public security organs in various places acted quickly to open the way, taking multiple measures and taking comprehensive measures to provide "elderly care services", invest in "elderly care projects", sell "elderly care products", claim "house-for-age care", act as an agent for "endowment insurance", Carrying out fraud, fund-raising fraud, illegally absorbing public deposits, organizing and leading pyramid selling activities, contract fraud, manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy goods, and producing, selling, and providing counterfeit and inferior medicines in the name of "supporting the elderly", etc., infringing on the property rights and interests of the elderly All kinds of illegal and criminal activities launched a fierce offensive.

The Shanghai Public Security Bureau has filed an investigation on a case of illegally absorbing public deposits for the sale of pension wealth management products, involving a value of more than 6 billion yuan.

Guangxi public security organs detected 46 backlogs of fraud in the name of "endowment insurance", involving more than 10 million yuan.

Fujian public security organs cracked a major case involving pension fraud, arrested 14 suspects of fraud, and seized a large number of false identification certificates and inferior calligraphy and paintings on the spot, with a cumulative transaction amount of more than 280 million yuan.

  During the work, the public security organs in various places focus on strengthening publicity and prevention, and flexibly use face-to-face publicity, distribution of publicity materials, loudspeaker broadcasts and other forms to carry out prevention knowledge publicity, improve the ability of the elderly to recognize and prevent fraud, and maximize the "deception space" of fraudsters. .

Through public reporting calls, reporting mailboxes, and in-depth visits to jurisdictions, the public has been widely mobilized to report, and the ability to find clues has been continuously improved.

In view of the regulatory loopholes found in the investigation and handling work, promote the strengthening of source governance and industry supervision, and minimize the occurrence of cases.

Guizhou public security organs conducted a comprehensive investigation of enterprises involved in the pension industry, and conducted in-depth analysis and judgment on relevant clues.

Combined with anti-fraud propaganda work, Chongqing public security organs give full play to the strength of grassroots communities, and issue risk warnings and early warning information to the elderly "point-to-point", which has achieved good results.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security stated that the public security organs will always maintain a high-pressure and severe crackdown on such illegal and criminal activities, make every effort to solve existing cases, tackle hard cases, hunt down criminal suspects at large, strengthen departmental coordination, promote source governance, and continue to carry out special actions. Advance in depth and resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly.

  (Headquarters reporter Kong Lingwen)