China News Service, June 28. According to the US "World Daily" report, the suspect Hirsch, who was suspected of killing Mr. Yan, a Chinese restaurant deliveryman, appeared in court on the 27th. After collecting 500,000 yuan in cash as bail, he was released on the same day pending trial. , but was required by the judge to wear electronic fetters 24 hours a day and was restricted from moving around. He was not allowed to own and buy guns, and he was not allowed to approach the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant and Mr. Yan's widow. In custody, his defense lawyer left the courtroom with a smile, reiterating that "the police caught the wrong person."

  On the afternoon of the 27th, Hirsch was wearing a yellow prison uniform and was escorted to court by more than a dozen marshals of the special response team of the New York State Court. After collecting 500,000 yuan in cash as bail, the presiding judge Houdon agreed to Hirsch's release on bail pending trial. , but requires him to wear electronic shackles 24 hours a day, and except for court hearings, seeing a doctor, seeing a lawyer, and one hour of outdoor exercise every day, he must stay at home and not go out, nor go to his wife's house, and go out at any time, place, and All transportation, etc., must be reported to the police in advance.

  Given that Hirsch had threatened and stalked the employees and owner of the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant where Mr. Yan worked, Judge Houdon ordered that they should not approach the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant and surrounding stores, and not to approach the laundry run by Mr. Yan's widow, Ms. Zhao. and their homes, must avoid the delivery routes of Chinese restaurants.

  In order to prevent Hirsch from absconding, the judge also ordered Hirsch to be one mile away from the long-distance transportation hub. If he violates the above provisions, Hirsch will be revoked from bail. "No matter how much money you have, (if you violate the provisions), before closing the case. , you will never leave the detention center again."

Prosecutors also confirmed that Hirsch's passport was in the custody of the court.

  After Hirsch was released on bail, his defense lawyer, Hearn, said that the 500,000 yuan in cash was assisted by Hirsch's brother Lee (Lee Hirsch), but the money belonged to Hirsch. There is a good compromise between safety and the right to be unconvicted, Hirsch is not a suspect, the police have caught the wrong person, and it could take prosecutors a year to investigate the details, according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), There are 126,900 vehicles in New York that look like the Lexus involved in the case (Hirsch's ownership of the vehicle doesn't mean he's the suspect).

  Faced with the result of being released on bail, Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said on the 27th that the bail system is not intended to be disciplinary, but to ensure that the defendant returns to court for hearing, and the law gives judges the freedom to be granted bail and the amount of bail. Discretion, although the prosecution has urged the judge not to grant bail, but the judge agreed with the prosecutor's proposal not to go out at home and many other conditions, but also set up very considerable bail and electronic monitoring means, even if the defendant is released, any violations It may also lead to the revocation of the right to bail.

  The police said that Hirsch was suspected of shooting and killing Mr. Yan, a Chinese deliveryman, on April 30 on Forest Hills Street. On the day of the incident, he drove past the restaurant where the victim worked seven times; he was indicted by a grand jury a few days ago with second-degree murder and other crimes. If convicted, he could be imprisoned for up to 25 years to 25 years. Life in prison; Hirsch's next court date is August 2.

(Zheng Yiyan)