First of all, the power of the people, which sparked a conflict between the party leader and its members, was today (28th), refraining from public speaking.

Ahead of the party's ethics committee meeting, Chairman Lee Jun-seok showed a cautious attitude, however, sparks of conflict can be rekindled at any time.

First of all, this is reporter Eom Min-jae.


The Innovation Committee, launched by Lee Jun-seok, the representative of the People's Power, put forward a "reform agenda" with the inauguration.

In particular, he emphasized reform of the nomination system that meets the needs of the people.

[Choi Jae-hyung/Chairman of People's Power Innovation (KBS Radio): Nominations for members of the National Assembly are important, but in fact, the nomination for local elections is also very important to expand the base of our party.]

Representative Lee Jun-seok and Chin Yun-gye, who had been at odds until yesterday, are revealed today Controversies were restrained.

CEO Lee did not set any public schedules, and he did not speak to reporters' questions.

[Lee Jun-seok/CEO of People's Power: It was not a closed schedule, but I had an interview, and then I had a meeting.]

The party's Ethics Committee attendance in relation to the suspicion of sexual abuse is 9 days away, and it is said that he is a party to sexual abuse. A police investigation into a businessman is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, and it seems that he is cautiously seeking a breakthrough rather than escalating riots.

It is known that Lee recently met with members of the party in private to ask for help.

Rep. Han Jung-jin said, "CEO Lee listens to us," and advised that "we should win-win with the party."

The direct attack has ceased, but Lee's indirect fire aimed at lawmaker Jang Je-won, the key member of 'Yun Hee-kwan', is in progress.

When political commentator Jang Seong-cheol criticized Rep. Jang on last night's broadcast, he revealed the fact that "Rep. Jang protested to the broadcasting station", and CEO Lee shared this post and said, "Speaking panelists comfortably," and pinched Rep. Jang. .

Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo, who was criticized for 'soy sauce' by Lee, went one step further toward the pressure of President Lee, saying, "If the ethics committee judges based on facts, then it is the right thing to follow."

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, video editing: Kim Jin-won)