As global energy prices continue to rise, social turmoil is spreading in Asian countries with weak economic bases.

In Laos, there is an extreme shortage of gasoline, and there are long lines at gas stations.

In Laos, Southeast Asia, gasoline shortages have been serious since early last month.

Laos relies on imports for oil, but while its currency is depreciating, energy prices continue to rise due to the situation in Ukraine and other factors, making it impossible to procure oil as usual.

Many gas stations in the capital, Vientiane, are closed, and some of the stores that are open are packed with gasoline by a large number of citizens.

In the footage shot in Vientiane from mid to late this month, you can see long lines of cars and motorcycles waiting to be refueled.

Inflation is also accelerating, and according to the central bank's summary, the rate of increase in consumer prices last month was a record level of 12.8%.

In Nong Khai, a city in northeastern Thailand that borders Laos, people from Laos can be seen refueling, and a 36-year-old woman said, "In Laos, there is not enough gasoline and daily necessities are rising. Saves money on only essentials. "

In Asia, a serious energy shortage continues in Sri Lanka, and it is reported that there is a temporary shortage of gasoline in Myanmar, and the turmoil is spreading mainly in countries with weak economic bases.