- Our hope was to be able to keep the pediatric ward in Gällivare open all summer, but now it is unfortunately not possible, says Pia Näsvall, operations manager for pediatric care.

This is what the staff looks like

Staff that SVT has been in contact with before have been worried about this summer's staffing situation and in a press release, the Norrbotten Region now reports what measures they have succeeded in and this is what the staff situation looks like:

  • The emergency care of children is ensured, with a pediatrician on site throughout the summer.

  • The delivery is open, with a midwife and gynecologist.

  • During the period 4 - 17 July, the pediatric ward will be temporarily closed and children who need continued inpatient hospital care will be referred to Sunderby Hospital. 

  • Any risk births may be referred to Sunderby Hospital.

"We have a serious situation

 - To keep a ward open, there need to be a number of nurses on site, but when they become too few, we can no longer reach good and acceptable patient safety and work environment.

We are in a serious situation and closing a department is the division's last resort when there are no other solutions, says Jonas Thörnqvist, division manager Länssjukvård 1.