The roofs of houses in the village of Bariam Kheil collapsed during the earthquake that hit Afghanistan on June 22, killing many people.

A week later, the survivors are living in tents next to the ruins of their homes, in the greatest destitution.

"We were given these tents to help us. We are six families in total [...]. These tents are too small for all of us. Before receiving them, at night, we slept on these beds outside", confides to France 24 Hilal Afgar, a villager who lost five family members in the earthquake.

The earthquake plunged the already very poor population into greater precariousness.

The lack of access to drinking water and unsanitary conditions raise fears of a cholera epidemic.

"The urgent need is to rebuild the houses, because the people are very poor," said Ehsanullah Ehsan, a security official in Barmal district.

"We cannot say when they will be, it may take a month or more, but what is certain is that without the help of the international community, we will not be able to do it".

Click on the video player above to watch the report by France 24 special envoys in Afghanistan, Shahzaib Wahlah and Sonia Ghezali.  

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