For the coming autumn and winter season, the Swedish Public Health Agency recommends a refill dose with a vaccine against covid-19.

Residents of Kronoberg County, who are over 80 years old, will be offered a refill dose from the first of September.

Thereafter, people over the age of 65, as well as people in the risk group, will be offered vaccines.

- By making this division, we keep the load on our health centers at a reasonable level.

In addition, it will be easier for residents to get a vaccination period, says Marie Jadner who is the vaccination coordinator in a press release.

Instructions on the record

County residents who are up for vaccination will receive a letter, either in the mailbox or in their digital mailbox, with instructions on how to book an appointment.

The Swedish Public Health Agency does not recommend any additional dose for people aged 18-64, but for those who wish, it will be possible to take another dose.

KLIPP: No worries about a new corona wave in Småland

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Hampus Hjorton, assistant infection control doctor in the Kronoberg Region, believes that a possible new corona top can be handled better thanks to the lessons learned during previous waves.

Photo: Oskar Mattisson / SVT