The heads of state and government of the western G-7 powers discussed the war situation in his country with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Monday and renewed their declarations of solidarity towards Ukraine.

Selenskyj, who as usual spoke from a video room in Kyiv in a green T-shirt, was connected live to the conference session in Elmau, Bavaria.

According to information from G-7 circles, Zelenskyy asked the group of states for an effort to end Russia's war against his country this year.

Following the video link, the seven leaders issued a joint statement in support of Ukraine.

Johannes Leithauser

Political correspondent in Berlin.

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Chancellor Scholz had previously again emphasized the proportion of German aid to Ukraine.

He said in the ZDF morning show that Germany was supplying “a lot of weapons” to the attacked Ukraine – that was “recognized everywhere”.

The German aid is "evaluated everywhere as an important contribution", the Chancellor repeated again.

It is the case that “Germany plays a central role and will continue to play it”.

On television, Scholz again listed details of German military aid: the delivery of modern self-propelled howitzers, anti-aircraft tanks, rocket launchers and an anti-aircraft missile system.

There is "more practical cooperation" with the United States and Great Britain than some people think.

"We have to be tougher than Putin"

Shortly thereafter, after a morning walk with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Chancellor again discussed aid for Ukraine.

All G-7 countries are "very close" in the will to help Ukraine and are "as solidary as possible".

It is crucial to "be firm" in it;

but at the same time to prevent the escalation of a conflict between Russia and the West.

Russia's war in Ukraine was constantly present on the first day of the summit, not only in the debates on the consequences for the global economy, but also in the jokes of the participants: at the beginning of the first working session, British Prime Minister Johnson asked whether because of the heat in the (non-air-conditioned) conference room, the jackets could be taken off, and then gave the answer himself, "we have to be tougher than Putin".

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau then remembered an old propaganda photo showing Putin shirtless on a horse.

Yes, it would be best to take off your shirt right away, he recommended;

while horse lover Ursula von der Leyen added that riding is the best anyway.

Johnson remembered the remark that Putin should be shown his abs.