“It's great that there will be an opportunity to once again pay tribute to these people, on whom both the present and the future of the country largely depend.

Especially the future,” said Senator Kress.

A similar opinion is shared by MP Lantratova.

“This is an absolutely fair decision to once again note the high role of teachers.

The future of Russia directly depends on their work.

They pass on knowledge to new generations, shape their worldview, and help them find their place in life.

The role of the teacher is invaluable.

People of this profession have always enjoyed special respect in our country,” she added.

In her opinion, it is especially important to talk about this now, when educational practices are being revised, and Russia is withdrawing from the Bologna process and the future of the OGE and the USE is being discussed.

“Whatever decisions are made, it is the educators who will have to put them into practice.

The biggest burden will fall on their shoulders, ”concluded the interlocutor of RT.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared 2023 the Year of the Teacher and Mentor in Russia.

The purpose of declaring such a year is to recognize the special status of teaching staff, including those engaged in mentoring activities.