Russian troops have repeatedly attacked various places such as Kieu, the capital of Ukraine, and are strengthening the restraint on the G7 Summit, which is discussing military support for Ukraine.

In addition, President Putin is planning to make his first foreign visit after the military invasion from the 28th, and it seems that he wants to confirm the unity with the former Soviet friendly countries and counter the West.

On the 27th, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had attacked the area around Lysychans'k, the last base in the state in Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine, as well as missile attacks in Donetsk Oblast and Zmiiv Oblast in the east and Mykolaiv in the south.

In addition, on the 26th, it announced that it had attacked a weapons factory in the capital Kyiv, and according to the Ukrainian government, a shopping center was also attacked in central Poltava Oblast on the 27th, causing civilian casualties.

Ukraine's President Zelensky said that the attack on Kieu and others was "Escalating the attack every time there was an international event", and Russia restrained the G7 summit, which is discussing military support for Ukraine. I accused him of strengthening.

President Putin to foreign visits since the start of the military invasion

President Putin is showing a move that can be seen as a counter to the G7 summit.

On the 28th, he and Russia had a telephone conversation with Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro, who is known as the BRICS = Five Emerging Countries.

According to the Russian Presidential Administration, one of the main agenda items of the talks is food security, and Putin criticized Western sanctions as hindering the smooth supply of food and fertilizer, and Russia is an agricultural powerhouse. He emphasized that he would supply fertilizer to Brazil without interruption.

In addition, Putin will make his first foreign visit since the military invasion began in February, and will meet in Tajikistan, Central Asia on the 28th.

On the following 29th, he visited Turkmenistan on the coast of the Caspian Sea, which is rich in oil and natural gas, and attended the summit of five coastal countries such as Iran and Azerbaijan. It seems that he wants to confirm his unity with Iran.

Also on the 30th, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, who chairs the G20 = 20 major countries, is scheduled to meet in Moscow, and President Putin will attend the G20 summit in November. The intention was revealed on the 27th.

After the closing of the G7 summit currently being held in Germany, the NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit meeting will start in Spain on the 29th, so President Putin will embark on a diplomatic offensive with friendly countries. It seems that there is an aim to confirm the unity and compete with the West.