An article published in the American newspaper, Newsweek, by Jack Dutton, stated that the meeting of the major powers known as the Group of Seven in the southern German province of Bavaria this week perpetuates Russia’s absence from the most influential scene in the global economy, and Russia has not been a member of the Group of Seven since 2014 when it was expelled from it after its annexation of the Crimea which was part of Ukraine.

The Group of Seven includes the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Japan.

The newspaper reported that former US President Donald Trump had previously confirmed that he would invite his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to the summit that was scheduled to be held at Camp David in the United States in June 2020, which raised the reservations of Britain and Canada.

The summit was later canceled due to the Corona pandemic.

The newspaper quoted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as saying, at a press conference, that Russia's continued disdain for international rules and norms is the reason for staying outside the Group of Seven.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously pledged to use his country's veto against any proposal submitted to Russia to join the group.

The newspaper says that Russia had previously joined the Group of Seven in 1997 after the response of Russian President Boris Yeltsin at the time to several economic and political reforms.

Indeed, the 32nd summit of the group was held in St. Petersburg in July 2006.

The writer mentioned that there are calls to prevent Russia from attending the G-20 summit, which Indonesia will host next November.

He said that the Indonesian president and the G20 president will meet with the leadership of Russia and Ukraine, in the coming days, to promote peace and help ease the burden of the global food crisis.