NATO wants to reorganize and strengthen against Russia at the Madrid summit

A policewoman patrols the surroundings of the Madrid Fair the day before the opening of the NATO summit, June 27, 2022. © Nacho Doce / Reuters

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After the G7 meeting which ends this Tuesday, June 28 in Germany, it is now time for the NATO summit in Madrid, which should last 3 days and looks very busy.

On the menu for discussion: the accession of Sweden and Finland, the strengthening of the organization's presence in the Baltic countries, the adoption of the new " 

strategic concept

 " and the implementation of a new development plan. helping Kiev in its war with Russia, a conflict that has revived the Alliance.


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summit which will begin on Tuesday in Madrid

could well become historic: “ 

This summit will be a turning point and several important decisions will be taken

 ”, affirmed the secretary general of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

25 years after a first summit in the Spanish capital, which notably recorded the entry of Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, Madrid could well witness a new enlargement of NATO.

This time towards the north of Europe, with the arrival of Sweden and Finland... even if unanimity is required: for

the moment Turkey still seems to hesitate

to give the green light.

The 30 member countries of the Organization must also validate the new “ 

strategic concept


This capital document reaffirms the values, function and tasks of NATO.

It will also discuss the strengthening of deterrence and long-term defense to face the new reality in terms of security, which notably implies a redeployment of NATO forces in the Baltic countries.


Russia as the most important threat


Thus, its leaders must decide to transform their reaction force, currently 40,000 strong, and bring it " 

well above

 " 300,000 men to a high level of readiness to

face the Russian threat

, announced Monday the Secretary General of the Alliance.


I think the allies will make it clear in Madrid that they see Russia as the biggest and most direct threat to our security

 ,” Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg said when presenting the summit's stakes.

But the central subject will above all be Ukraine and NATO's continued support for it, both militarily and financially.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had been invited to visit Madrid, will participate in the summit remotely, as during the G7.

The members will provide more heavy weapons and want " 

in the longer term to help Ukraine move from Soviet-era military equipment to modern NATO equipment

 ", according to Jens Stoltenberg.

The program is therefore very busy and could well mark a “ 

turning point

 ” in this alliance,

73 years after its creation


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