China News Service, June 27. According to the Hong Kong Commercial Daily, the major disciplined forces in Hong Kong have fully adopted Chinese footwork since last year.

About a year ago, the Correctional Services Department and a technology company in Hong Kong jointly developed the "Artificial Intelligence Chinese Marching Learning Station" to help trainees master Chinese walking skills more effectively.

  The representative of the Correctional Services Department pointed out that the department invited the honor guard of the Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army to demonstrate various standard movements. The "Learning Station" uses video recording to take the movements of the honor guard as a blueprint. Stepping password reaction time, step distance and angle of body movements, etc., so as to make a more scientific evaluation, and can give scores for evaluation.

  The representative of the Correctional Services Department also pointed out that after the test started in May, it was found that the teaching effect was satisfactory, and it will be officially adopted in July, making the department the first disciplined service to use the artificial intelligence system to conduct Chinese-style marching training. The best state is striding and celebrating the return.