Due to the epidemic prevention and control, many drug dealers have shifted the focus of drug trafficking to Yunnan, cutting off border logistics and delivery of drug demons

  Our reporter Shi Fei

  On May 20, Yunnan Lincang Border Management Detachment Hedigang Border Checkpoint obtained a clue: a courier sent to Guangdong may involve drugs.

After receiving this situation, the station immediately organized the police to conduct an investigation, and successfully seized 2 drug-related packages at the express delivery point, seized 15.9 kilograms of drugs, and arrested 2 criminal suspects after extended investigation.

  In recent years, with the rapid development of "Internet + delivery" and e-commerce, the logistics delivery industry has ushered in vigorous development, and this industry has also become a channel for drug traffickers to use and trade.

  In this regard, Yunnan has strengthened source governance, special projects to combat drug trafficking in logistics and delivery channels, strengthened departmental and regional cooperation between public security drug control and postal management, implemented clue sharing, co-handling of cases, and total results. case.

In 2021 alone, Yunnan public security organs will investigate cases by providing clues to the cases through delivery companies, and will arrest 441 criminal suspects and seize 1,283 kilograms of drugs.

Drug-related increase in logistics delivery

Form a special class to cut off the poisonous demon

  Lincang, Yunnan, is located in the southwestern border of Yunnan, with a border line of 290.791 kilometers. It is adjacent to the "Golden Triangle" of the world's drug source. Due to its special geographical location, it has long been one of the frontier positions and main battlefields in the national anti-drug struggle.

The Yunnan Lincang Border Management Detachment stationed here gives full play to the role of the "iron threshold" of the border, acts as a vanguard, fights the epidemic, kills poisonous demons, removes poisonous thorns, strikes hard, and cracks down on drug-related crimes.

Since 2021, the detachment has seized 11 various drug cases through logistics and express delivery, and seized 81.01 kg of various drugs.

  "In recent years, due to the impact of epidemic prevention and control in border areas, the traditional method of transporting drugs has become difficult to cross-border and cross-province. Therefore, many drug dealers have shifted the focus of drug trafficking to the logistics and delivery industry. The 'Internet + delivery' drug trafficking method has become an epidemic One of the main ways of drug trafficking during the period." Li Ya, head of the Lincang Border Management Detachment, told the "Rule of Law Daily" reporter.

  Combining the characteristics of logistics delivery, the border police stations and second-line border checkpoints of the detachment took the initiative to sign a joint management and control agreement with the person in charge of the logistics delivery industry in their jurisdiction to jointly crack down on the use of logistics to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as drug trafficking and gun trafficking.

At the same time, special teams such as "Postal Management Squadron", "Investigation Squadron" and "Mountain Forest Investigation Team" were formed to break the original fixed model, build an all-round and three-dimensional prevention and control pattern, and comprehensively block the loopholes in management and control.

  "Why doesn't this cardboard box have an express tracking number?" On June 25, the Lincang Border Management Detachment Junsai Border Checkpoint and Zhenkang Law Enforcement Investigation Team inspected the express delivery at a express delivery point in Zhenkang County, and the police found the express delivery. There was a cardboard box with the word "lion" printed at the door, weighing about 30 kilograms, and without a courier number. The police inspected the package with the cooperation of the staff of the express sorting center. 15 pieces of methamphetamine were seized in the barrel, totaling 5.167 kilograms.

  In response to the fact that the number of logistics packages is increasing and it is becoming more and more difficult to investigate, the Yunnan border management department focuses on the use of scientific and technological means to boost the anti-drug work, actively integrates the application of information platforms, and establishes an "Intelligence Research and Judgment Center" to form a "big data + Internet + big data". The anti-drug mode of "intelligence" integration, adhere to the concept of breaking big cases and leading small cases, breaking small cases and chasing big cases, constantly improving the effectiveness of crackdowns, cutting off the channels of drug violations and crimes, and maximizing the "blocking of drugs abroad, investigation in the city, and reduction of drugs". inflow".

Postal administration initiative as

Sending companies report clues

  Recently, Baoshan Border Management Detachment Houqiao Border Police Station received a phone call from a logistics company in the area and said: When sending and receiving packages, a package was found to be suspicious.

The police quickly went to check and found that the suspicious package was a purple suitcase. After opening and checking, 13 pieces of heroin were found in the interlayer of the three cartons in the suitcase, totaling 4.13 kilograms.

  "In recent years, more than 60% of the drug trafficking cases using postal delivery channels seized by the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Drug Control Department were seized by the delivery companies taking the initiative to report and assist in providing key clues during the delivery process." Yunnan Provincial Postal Administration Deputy Director Rong Rong said.

  According to reports, the Yunnan Provincial Postal Administration complies with the main responsibility of the delivery enterprise, plays the main role of the delivery channel in combating drug crimes, and strictly controls the "security check" of mail and express mail. 8 front-line areas along the border to block sources, strictly implement real-name receipt and delivery, implement responsibility reverse inspection, and focus on improving the sensitivity and prevention awareness of drug delivery companies; The ability to investigate and arrest; the border areas implement the on-the-job testing of express delivery employees, strengthen the prevention and control of the use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and new psychoactive substances by employees, and intercept the source of the delivery companies participating in drug crimes.

  At the same time, it promotes the "smart drug control" of the industry, realizes the synchronization of postal management, the work, technology, and data of the drug control department of the public security, and jointly conducts data research and information sharing with the drug control department of the public security, and transmits more than 1.7 million pieces of data on average every day.

In Xishuangbanna Prefecture, the pilot work of "personal identification verification" has been carried out. A total of 472 pilot equipment have been put into operation, and the equipment configuration of business outlets has 100% coverage. A total of 245,200 pieces of personal identification information have been collected and compared.

  "Carry out publicity and training to build a solid drug prevention education system. Provincial and municipal postal administrations deepen exchanges and cooperation with public security anti-narcotics departments in combating drug crimes, pay attention to the training of delivery companies' investigation skills, and build a solid drug prevention education system. Accumulated organization in 2021 More than 3,500 publicity and training sessions have been conducted, and more than 40,000 practitioners have been trained, accounting for 2/3 of the province's industry practitioners." Rong Rong said.

Departmental joint efforts to overcome difficulties in a hundred days

Strictly check logistics delivery channels

  On June 4, the Water Patrol Corps of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department and the Laos Bokyo Provincial Public Security Department jointly cracked a major drug case, seized 60 bags of suspicious methamphetamine tablets (1.44 tons in total), and arrested 2 suspects.

  Zhu Ximing, director of the Narcotics Bureau of the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department, told reporters that according to the National Narcotics Control Commission's "clearing the source and cutting off the flow" work plan, Yunnan has focused its work on overseas, clearing the source of manufacturing and trafficking, clearing the source of people's heads, clearing the source of drug production, and improving Cooperate with the border anti-drug cooperation mechanism of northern Myanmar, Lao Bei, Vietnam and northern Thailand, actively participate in special operations such as the "China-Laos-Myanmar-Thailand" safe waterway and the "China-Vietnam" border joint anti-drug operation, cooperate with neighboring countries, and have successively cracked a number of transnational systems In a major drug trafficking case, 10.5 tons of drugs were seized overseas.

  On September 1, 2021, the 100-day anti-drug campaign in the delivery channel was officially launched. All parts of the province and all departments made every effort to organize carefully. The Provincial Anti-Narcotics Office and the Provincial Postal Administration jointly established a special action leading group to formulate and issue the "Yunnan Province". Work Plan for the 100-day Anti-drug Action on Provincial Delivery Channels.

In combination with border control and epidemic prevention and control, the public security, postal administration, market supervision and other departments jointly set up corresponding leading agencies, set up special work classes, strengthen unified organization, and ensure that the actions are effective.

  During the operation, the province cracked more than 50 cases of drug trafficking through delivery channels, arrested more than 120 criminal suspects, and seized more than 280 kilograms of various drugs.

  In addition, the anti-drug department of Yunnan public security strictly implements the "three lines of defense" system, strictly inspects the incoming and outgoing parcels from 8 border cities and 25 border counties and cities, and relies on various public security and border control checkpoints to check the parcels sent to the territory from the first-line border areas. The shipment is checked again.

From January to November 2021, the province cracked more than 200 drug trafficking cases through logistics delivery channels, arrested more than 300 criminal suspects, and seized more than 1,200 kilograms of various drugs.

  "Joint the public security anti-drug department to carry out the 100-day anti-drug campaign in the delivery channel, the provincial and municipal postal administration departments actively cooperate with the public security anti-drug department to carry out public investigations and special crackdowns, and cooperate with the grass-roots public security departments to enter the sorting and processing centers (parks) of various shipping companies to carry out investigations, In the main transportation channels and transportation hubs, the public inspection of delivery vehicles has been strengthened in a targeted manner. The postal administration and the public security anti-drug departments have strengthened departmental and regional cooperation, implemented clue sharing, co-handling of cases, and total victory. A major case of drug trafficking through delivery channels." Rong Rong said.