Amnesty International accuses Lithuania of violating human rights on a large scale with refugees of different nationalities from neighboring Belarus.

While war refugees from Ukraine are welcomed with open arms in Lithuania, those seeking protection from countries such as Iraq or Syria are illegally imprisoned, severely abused and deported.

This is the result of the questioning of migrants in two Lithuanian detention centers, according to a report published by the human rights organization on Monday.

At the same time, Amnesty accused the EU of passively tolerating the actions in the Baltic member state.

According to the report, migrants who were questioned complained of humiliation at the hands of the authorities and inhuman prison conditions.

"The Lithuanian authorities have been arbitrarily detaining thousands of people for months in run-down military-run detention centers, where they have been subjected to torture and other ill-treatment," Amnesty said.

"They are denied access to fair asylum procedures so they can 'voluntarily' return to the countries they fled from."

Lithuania accuses the authoritarian rule of neighboring Belarus under ruler Alexander Lukashenko of bringing migrants from crisis regions to the border in an organized manner.

The situation at the EU's external border escalated last late summer.

Thousands tried to enter the European Union illegally.