America provides Ukraine with a "White House guard"

After a Russian bombing targeting residential areas in the capital, Kyiv, which Washington described as "brutal," US administration officials revealed the United States' intention to provide Ukraine with an advanced "surface-to-air" missile system, while analysts said it would "be used to protect diplomatic and sovereign areas in Kyiv."

The Associated Press quoted an unnamed source as saying that the United States will purchase the "NASAMS" anti-aircraft system, which was developed by Norway, to provide a medium to long-range defense capability, in addition to more ammunition for Ukrainian artillery, as well as anti-battery radars to support Kyiv's efforts. In front of the Russian offensive in the Donbass.

And "NASAMS" is the system used by the United States to protect the airspace around the White House and the Capitol Building in Washington.

US President Joe Biden agreed this month to provide $700 million in military aid to Ukraine, including advanced missile systems that can accurately hit long-range targets, and according to the National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, this package raises total military aid since the start of the war. War for $6.1 billion.

Commenting on this, the American analyst, Andrew Boyfield, said that the NASAMS system is one of the most successful defense projects in Norway and the world, so that the NASAMS missile batteries constitute the only stationary missile defenses in the United States to protect the capital, Washington.

Boyfield added, to "Sky News Arabia", that "although there were no great aspirations at the start of the Nasams project, Norway, with an American partnership, succeeded in designing one of the most modular and flexible air defense systems."

He pointed out that the system is present in 12 countries, including Finland, Spain and the Netherlands, while 15 countries have obtained control systems that meet their requirements.

On where to deploy it, he expects Ukraine to use it in the capital, Kyiv, and not in the east or south, as it is designed to protect high-value sites and large population centers from air threats, and the targeting of apartment complexes recently was one of the main factors for the United States agreeing to support Kyiv with it.

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