Guillaume Dominguez 7:56 p.m., June 27, 2022

Inflation affects all trades.

Truckers are also hit hard by the rise in prices.

They expressed their anger and their despair this Monday at the industrial park of Chanteloup, in Seine-et-Marne.

These truck drivers are demanding higher wages and better working conditions. 


It is in front of the entrance gates of the Chanteloup industrial park that the unions have erected their stands and blocked the road to prevent heavy goods vehicles from coming and going.

Flags in hand and a cap in union colors, Alain is taking part in his first strike in 24 years in the business.

This 52-year-old driver earned 1,600 euros per month.

A salary that has become too low in the face of rising prices.

"We can't do it anymore"

"Everything increases, except wages. At the end of the month, we can't do it anymore," he protests.

"Everyone sees it. Fill up, it's at least 100 euros whereas before we made 80 or 70 euros, it was okay. It's 30 euros more, it's huge. I'm not asking to put thousands and hundreds aside, but at least we get there at the end of the month. To be able to feed, heat my family, house my family: that's all I ask for".

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Better pay and better working conditions

A feeling shared by Mohamed.

He is a waste carrier and is asking for 500 euros more to be able to live properly.

But also and above all better working conditions.

"We are at the end of our rope. I get up in the morning at 4 a.m. and I work until 6 p.m., all that for 1,700 euros. We feel bad and we risk people's lives. We risk our lives, the license. We cannot continue like this", he assures the microphone of Europe 1. And the unions warn that the demonstrations of today are only a warning shot.

They will harden the movement if they are not heard.