- We feel a great pain.

I have to do this type of art, says Lyudmyla Mysko Malyarenko, who is an internationally renowned sculptor.

It was a couple of months ago that Nybro artist Ian Newberry saw a work in clay that she posted on social media and was touched.

It shows bodies in puzzle pieces that shape the name of the village that everyone today associates with the massacre of civilians.

It would be nice to make the artwork large and in iron, thought Ian Newberry.

- Impossible, answered Lyudmyla Mysko Malyarenko.

But it was not.

With the help of sponsors - both private individuals and local companies - Lyudmyla Mysko Malyarenko and her husband Yuriy Mysko have now come from Holland to Ian Newberry's workshop in Örsjö to work.

See the monument grow and how the end result will be in the clip.