▲ Shielded Berlin Girl of Peace

Four members of the Comfort Women Fraud Elimination Coalition, including Joo Ok-sun, the head of the Mother's Unit and Kim Byung-hun, director of the National History Textbook Research Institute, protested yesterday (26th) to 30th local time to demand the removal of the statue of a girl in Berlin, Germany.

They held an expeditionary protest in front of the Berlin Girl's Statue, holding up placards saying, "Comfort women are not victims of wartime sexual violence," and holding placards that read, "Stop scamming comfort women."

Against this, about 100 members of the Korea Council, which established the statue in Berlin, including the German women's group Kuraji Women's Federation, held a rally opposite the statue to protest the protest demanding its removal.

They said that there are thousands of evidence of comfort women, and that "we will fight to the end to protect the statue of a girl in Berlin that symbolizes violence against women in wartime."

The Statue of Peace in Berlin was installed on September 25, 2020 in Birkenga, Mitte-gu, Berlin, and has established itself as a representative assembly and demonstration site for the second year.

(Photo = Yonhap News)