Chile, the first country in the world to include abortion in its draft new Constitution

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The feminist movement and for the right to abortion took an important part in the protest movement in Chile, leading to the drafting of the new constitution.

Here, a demonstration in Santiago, September 28, 2021. AP - Esteban Felix

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The US Supreme Court ruling on abortion sent shock waves around the world.

In Chile, feminist activists are indignant to see a step backwards while they are still fighting to include abortion in the new Constitution.

Currently, women can only abort under three conditions: if their life is in danger, if there has been rape or malformation of the foetus.


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With our correspondent in Santiago,

Naïla Derroisné

Barbara Miel Lagos is one of the spokespersons of the powerful Chilean feminist movement of March 8: “ 

We feel a deep rage.

This is very bad news but anchored in a more general context of polarization.

On the one hand, there is an advance of social movements and peoples in the conquest of rights.

And on the other hand, there is the reactionary right with a strong policy against feminist movements



Beside her, her friend Karina Noales, also a spokesperson for the movement, refers to the Chilean feminist collective Lastesis: " 

The song of Lastesis has traveled the whole world and it begins with a phrase that takes on its full meaning today


The patriarchy is a judge".

She also stresses the importance of the work of the Chilean constituent convention

responsible for drafting a new Constitution for the country

 : “  Chile is the first country in the world to enshrine the

right to abortion

in its Constitution


It then becomes a fundamental right that will no longer be subject to changes in government or parliamentary majorities.


For Chilean women and the right to abortion, everything will be decided on September 4th during a final referendum “ 


 ” or “ 


 ” the

new constitution


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