As relief efforts continue in the areas affected by the earthquake in eastern Afghanistan, officials from the provisional administration of the Islamist Taliban responded to an interview with NHK, where there was a shortage of drinking water and medicine in addition to tents for the victims. He asked the international community for further support.

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck eastern Host State on the 22nd of this month, killing at least 1040 people and injuring more than 1,600 in Paktika, which is adjacent to Host State.

Muhammad Nasim, a spokesman for the Ministry of Disaster Management, who is working to help the affected areas under the provisional administration of Islamist Tullivan, said in an interview with NHK on the 26th, "All the houses have collapsed. It's water and medicine, "he said, revealing the harsh conditions in the area.

He added, "Relief activities are progressing with the help of neighboring countries and neighboring countries as well as humanitarian aid organizations. However, the damage is so great that more support is needed," he said. I asked for.

However, since each country including Japan has not approved the Taliban's provisional government because the improvement of women's human rights situation is insufficient, much support is indirectly provided through international organizations.

While many victims are still seeking assistance, the challenge is how to quickly deliver the necessary assistance to the site.