Two residents of Västerås with a kiosk company engaged in home delivery received an order for nitrous oxide one afternoon in September last year.

Once in place, they were met by three criminally charged Stockholmers and some of their local contacts.

The men who had ordered the nitrous oxide began to bargain.

When they got through the bargaining, they jumped completely sonic into the car, and demanded more nitrous oxide and money from the two westerners.

During the day that followed, the kiosk owners were threatened with a gun, and both they and their family members and friends were extorted large sums of money.

Around SEK 150,000 was transferred via Swish and bank transfer to the two lifestyle criminals.

Four are sentenced to long prison terms

But a stolen moped would be the case of the blackmailers.

When the police recognized the moped that the men had stolen the same day in Västerås, one of the suspects could be arrested.

The other two eventually went home, and were later arrested by the police.

Västmanland District Court sentences four men to long prison terms, including kidnapping, aggravated robbery and aggravated weapon crime.

A 24-year-old Stockholmer will receive eight years in prison, his 20-year-old partner will receive seven years in prison, and the third will receive six years and six months in prison.

Their three contacts in Västerås are sentenced to prison for between 1 and 1.5 years for aiding and abetting serious crimes.

A fourth Västerås resident in the case is sentenced to a daily fine for receiving.

The convicts must also pay large damages to the two Västerås entrepreneurs and several of their acquaintances, who were blackmailed.