• In the bulls The expected reappearance of Ana Rosa Quintana: "I think we have already overcome it. We'll see"

Ana Rosa Quintana has reappeared at the summer party of her production company Unicorn Content where she has shown the new image that she wears and has reunited with colleagues such as

Joaquín Prat, Ana Terracillos, Patricia Pardo or Sonsoles Ónega.

With a new image: short platinum blonde hair, Ana Rosa Quintana poses smiling for the cameras after announcing in November that she was leaving her show to

recover from breast cancer.

For the occasion, she has chosen a black jumpsuit with a crossed back, golden earrings and intense makeup in earth tones and smoky eyes.

Last May, his partner Joaquín Prat announced that Quintana

would return to head his program next September:

"She's starting to lead a normal life, I see her great."

The presenter Ana Rosa Quintana.GTRES


five months

away from the media spotlight,

Ana Rosa Quintana


in public

after undergoing


to overcome the cancer she suffers from.

It was at the end of May in the

Las Ventas bullring

where she was seen for the first time with her friend

De Ella Cristina Tárrega.

Dressed on that occasion in a white blazer and an animal print blouse, the journalist attended the media with a magnificent appearance and the great positivism that characterizes her so much.

"I'm great, thank you very much. I'm fine, starting life again,"

she said, hinting that her return to the small screen is getting closer to her.

However, before returning to her routine, the Madrilenian has decided to take a well-deserved vacation, because, as she has anticipated, it seems that she has managed to win the battle against cancer:

"I think we have already overcome it, we'll see".

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