(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Zero new asymptomatic infections in Shanghai, and 18 cases of imported cold chain-related infections in Jilin City

  China News Agency, Beijing, June 23. Comprehensive news: On the 22nd, there were 31 new local infections in mainland China (13 confirmed cases and 18 asymptomatic cases), and the number of cases was less than 50 for 5 consecutive days.

As the area with the most serious local epidemic in mainland China this year, Shanghai achieved zero new local asymptomatic infections for the first time in this round of epidemic on the 22nd.

  The local epidemic situation in mainland China is steadily improving

  China's National Health Commission announced on the 23rd that there were 48 new confirmed cases in mainland China on the 22nd, including 35 imported cases and 13 local cases.

There were 87 new asymptomatic infections, including 69 imported cases and 18 local cases.

No new deaths were reported.

  As of 24:00 on the 22nd, there were 717 confirmed cases in mainland China, a total of 5,226 deaths, and a total of 225,397 confirmed cases.

There are currently 268 confirmed cases imported from abroad, with a total of 19,169 confirmed cases and no deaths.

  According to the official report, 31 new local infections were reported in mainland China on the 22nd, and the number of cases fell below 50 for five consecutive days, and the affected provinces remained in single digits.

Among them, the local confirmed cases are from 3 provinces: 9 in Shanghai, 3 in Beijing, and 1 in Inner Mongolia; local asymptomatic infections are distributed in 4 provinces: 7 in Jilin, 5 in Liaoning, and 3 in Guangdong and Guangxi.

  Beijing's increasing number of local infections fluctuates down, Shanghai's local asymptomatic infections zero new

  Beijing added 3 new cases of local infection on the 22nd, all of which were social screening personnel (reported on the 22nd); 2 new cases of local infection were added from 0:00 to 15:00 on the 23rd. In Dongcheng District, all cases were concentrated in foreign-related areas Isolate observers.

From June 9 to 15:00 on June 23, Beijing reported a total of 390 local infections, involving 14 districts and economic development zones.

  The recent increase in new local infections in Beijing has not only remained in single digits for several consecutive days, but has also shown a trend of fluctuating decline.

Officials in Beijing stated that doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control is an important prerequisite for doing a good job in the capital.

At present, Beijing's epidemic prevention and control has reached a critical point. It is necessary to prevent slack, prevent loopholes, and prevent rebounds, and make concerted efforts to lay the foundation for the comprehensive restoration of the city's production and living order; it is necessary to further refine and improve the prevention and control plan, resolutely block the chain of epidemic transmission, and efficiently Coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

  Shanghai reported 9 new local confirmed cases on the 22nd. For the first time since the current round of the epidemic, there were no new local asymptomatic infections.

According to previous official news, the vast majority of local infections in Shanghai's current round of the epidemic were asymptomatic. In mid-April, the number of local asymptomatic infections in Shanghai increased by more than 25,000.

  The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported on the 23rd that as of 24:00 on the 22nd, Shanghai had reported a total of 58,133 local confirmed cases of the current round of the epidemic, of which 92 are currently being treated in the hospital, and a total of 588 deaths.

Since 0:00 on the 24th, Hongkou, Yangpu, Jing'an, Fengxian 4 districts and 5 places have been adjusted from medium-risk areas to low-risk areas.

  Jilin City added 7 new local infections, imported cold chain-related infections increased to 18

  There were no new local confirmed cases in Jilin Province on the 22nd, and 7 new local asymptomatic infections were reported, all of which were reported by Jilin City.

  Jilin City notified on the 23rd that the above-mentioned infected persons were all found in the nucleic acid test at the centralized isolation point. They were all related personnel of the asymptomatic infections reported by the city on the 19th, of which 6 were colleagues and 1 was a property staff member of the residential area. .

  According to previous reports, Jilin City found one case of asymptomatic infection during community screening on the 19th, who was a staff member of a company's imported cold chain food processing workshop.

On the 20th, the 10 new cases of local infection in Jilin City were all their colleagues, and they were detected during the centralized isolation period.

As of 24:00 on the 22nd, there were 18 cases of infection related to imported cold chain epidemics in Jilin City.

  Inner Mongolia added 1 local confirmed case on the 22nd, in Xilin Gol League.

As of 24:00 on the 22nd, there were 167 local confirmed cases in Inner Mongolia, including 45 in Chifeng City and 122 in Xilin Gol League; there were 183 local asymptomatic infections, including 7 in Chifeng City and 176 in Xilin Gol League.

  From the 24th, when traveling in Shenzhen, it is necessary to have a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours to prove that there are 242 cases of infection in Dandong in this round

  Guangdong Province reported 3 new cases of local asymptomatic infections on the 22nd, all in Shenzhen.

  According to the Shenzhen Municipal report, the above-mentioned infected persons were all found in community screening, and their trajectories involved Futian, Longgang, and Nanshan districts, including restaurants, hair salons, fruit shops, vegetable markets, subways, supermarkets and other public places.

At present, Shenzhen is carrying out the disposal work in an orderly manner, including traceability, isolation and control, nucleic acid testing, and medical treatment.

  Shenzhen issued a notice on the 23rd that since June 18, there have been many confirmed positive cases in Shenzhen.

According to the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control work, starting from 0:00 on the 24th, entering the city's transportation stations, taking public transportation, entering public confined spaces, etc. must be accompanied by a 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate, or the same day (within 24 hours) nucleic acid sampling certificate (Record).

Various checkpoints will be on duty 24 hours a day to measure body temperature, check travel cards and nucleic acid test certificates.

  Liaoning Province reported 5 new cases of local asymptomatic infections on the 22nd, all of which were reported in Dandong City.

As of 24:00 on the 22nd, a total of 242 local infections have been reported in Dandong's "5.24" epidemic.

  According to a recent report from Dandong City, the source of transmission of most cases in this round of epidemic is still unclear, but the number of newly infected people has fluctuated and decreased, and the epidemic situation is generally controllable.