The reporter learned from the Ministry of Education on June 24 that the 2022 college entrance examination voluntary reporting work is about to start, and the Ministry of Education requires further strengthening and standardizing the college entrance examination voluntary reporting consulting service work.

  The Ministry of Education emphasized that schools in all regions should instruct candidates to properly keep their personal information and strictly prevent their volunteers from being stolen and altered by others.

Schools, teachers and off-campus training institutions are strictly prohibited to seek benefits through voluntary reporting and consulting services.

Schools and teachers in senior high schools shall not fill in the application form or designate voluntary schools on behalf of candidates, and shall not charge any fees from parents of candidates or colleges for admission.

Education departments and admissions examination institutions in various regions shall, in conjunction with market supervision, public security and other departments, conduct a comprehensive investigation of educational consulting institutions and off-campus training institutions that conduct voluntary college entrance examination consultations within their respective administrative regions, and seriously investigate and deal with non-compliant operations, non-standard services, and non-standard fees. reasonableness, etc.

Violations and criminal acts will be severely punished in accordance with the law.

It is necessary to strengthen the early warning publicity of the college entrance examination volunteer filling and reporting, and remind candidates to beware of the trap of "high-priced volunteer filling and reporting guidance".

The telephone number for complaints and reports shall be made public, and relevant complaints and reports shall be accepted and dealt with in a timely manner.