The legislative elections of 2022 gave birth to an unprecedented Assembly under the Fifth Republic, with a small relative majority for the camp of the President of the Republic.

Without a majority on one side or the other, French political life is therefore entering a new situation.

This week's "Recap" thus begins with an update on the balance of power that will govern the new lower house of parliament, where the majorities will necessarily be shifting.

Between the macronie (250 seats), the Nupes (150 seats), but also the RN (90 seats) and the right (70 seats) there are also about twenty seats on the margins of the left and the macronie and the right and macronie.

In these results, which were not without surprises, the explosion in the number of RN deputies was undoubtedly the most commented on element.

Never in France, under the Fourth and Fifth Republics, had the far right had so many seats in the National Assembly.

The feat is all the more important as the voting system is not favorable to him.

End of the Republican front, end also perhaps of the cordon sanitaire with the extreme right: this arrival in numbers of Marine Le Pen's troops raises many questions.

Finally, once the balance of power is well in mind, the 22nd and last "Recap" reviews the options on the office of Emmanuel Macron to try to govern.

After consulting the leaders of the main parties, the President of the Republic has ruled out national unity, but remains open to a lasting coalition or on a case-by-case basis.

In any case, he sends the ball back into the camp of the opposition... who don't want it.

A situation that could last… Until a possible dissolution.


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