“There is no evidence to support this information, which seems very unlikely and even implausible to us,” Indépendant quoted a representative of the General Staff of the French Army as saying.

On June 23, Uralvagonzavod, which is part of Rostec, thanked the President of France for the CAESAR self-propelled artillery mounts delivered to Ukraine, which were at the disposal of the corporation.

In April, it became known about France's plans to send 155-mm CAESAR self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine.

Macron then stated that he was striving to arm Ukraine "without crossing the red line" in order "not to be a party to the conflict."

In June, the French president decided to supply the Ukrainian army with six more CAESAR installations.

The DPR noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are using French artillery with a caliber of 155 mm to shell Donetsk.

In particular, as stated in the Russian Investigative Committee, the Ukrainian military fired at a water canal in Donetsk from a CAESAR installation.