Updated Wednesday, June 22, 2022-10:13

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Some SDGs in which more and more organizations, people and groups are involved, and which are already on the agenda of governments and institutions around the world.

But also the private sector, which is promoting all kinds of initiatives to favor the changes and transformations necessary to achieve these SDGs and promote a better future for society and the planet.

Companies such as Procter & Gamble (P&G), manufacturer of consumer products of such well-known brands as Dodot®, Fairy® or Ariel®, is reinforcing action for communities and the planet through projects that join other private sector organizations and the Third Sector, among other agents, to develop joint initiatives such as forest reforestation, educational support for children in situations of social vulnerability or the promotion of female entrepreneurship and leadership.

According to Vanessa Prats, Vice President and General Manager of P&G, "

at P&G, we understand sustainability as a comprehensive effort that cannot be undertaken in isolation. Sustainability cannot go hand in hand, but must be the foundation on which the business. We cannot be faithful to the purpose of serving the consumer, without considering what is good for society and for the planet. Sustainability and business go hand in hand".

Reforesting forests to rebalance nature

Aware that great changes do not come from the initiative of a single actor, but from the sum of many, P&G is involving various organizations in these challenges.

Including your own customers.

In this way, P&G has joined forces with Alcampo to support the Reforest'Action initiative, an organization that develops forest reforestation projects in Spain.

In this case, P&G, Alcampo and Reforest'Action have come together to repopulate areas affected by the fires in Palencia and Albendiego (Guadalajara) with more than 8,400 trees of native species, with the capacity to store 1,260 tons of CO2 and recover a dynamic ecosystem and diverse.

In the words of Pierre Hermans of Reforest'Action, the environmental impact of this initiative goes beyond mitigating the impact of climate change: "

the presence of trees also humidifies the air, enriches the soil and prevents erosion, improving its ability to filter This prevents the desertification of the land and prevents precipitation from drifting into surface water currents that generate landslides and floods

", he stated.

Education, a fundamental piece

P&G has also joined Save the Children for another year, through the 'Change your future with a click' initiative to provide comprehensive support to children at risk of social exclusion.

The main objective of this collaboration is to reduce early school leaving in Spain, in addition to increasing the social skills of the participants through group or family leisure activities and providing psychological and psychosocial support.

Currently, the school dropout rate in Spain stands at 13.3% according to the latest data collected by the Active Population Survey (EPA) and shared by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEFP).

This figure, which is still far from the European average, not only has a serious impact on the opportunities of future generations, but could also compromise the future of the country.

With this collaboration, which has been active since 2017, P&G and its brands have donated a total of 2.7 million minutes of educational reinforcement to stop school dropout.

In this sense, Andrés Conde, CEO of Save the Children, highlighted that "

child poverty affects one in three children in Spain. It is essential that companies like P&G help us support these children and cover their needs to break the circle of precariousness


More female role models in the company

The fight for the professional development of women and female leadership in the company is another of P&G's great causes.

For this reason, the organization has joined forces with Womenalia, a technological company with a social impact that seeks to help professional and entrepreneurial women in their professional path, to launch the 4th edition of the #SigueAdelante scholarships.

These scholarships have the objective of promoting female entrepreneurship and promoting business ideas in a context where continuous training is presented as a fundamental link to achieve it.

The #SigueAdelante initiative has already allowed 15 women entrepreneurs to accelerate their projects thanks to scholarships and, with this new call, 6 more will be able to give their proposals a boost.

And the fact is that, as María Gómez del Pozuelo, CEO of Womenalia, affirms, "

training is at the base of progress


It is very important to study, be it professional training, a degree or a postgraduate degree, but training ourselves is what is going to help to progress in all aspects of life, especially in working life, to which we dedicate more resources. Without knowledge, without training, there is no evolution

", he assured.

Thus, through the involvement of many and the obsession with joint action, P&G will continue to reinforce initiatives based on its social and environmental values, so that efforts are combined to face together as a society the great transformations that lie ahead, for consumers. , communities and the planet.

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