Prime Minister Kishida will leave for Germany before dawn on the 26th to attend the G7 Summit = Summit of the Seven Major Countries.

The meeting is expected to confirm Russia's policy of uniting and responding to the military invasion of Ukraine and the global food crisis by the G7.

Prime Minister Kishida will leave Haneda Airport on a government plane before dawn on the 26th to attend the G7 summit to be held in Elmau, southern Germany from the 26th.

As Russia's military invasion of Ukraine continues for more than four months, the summit is expected to discuss further pressure on Russia and support measures for Ukraine.

In addition, global inflation and the food crisis caused by the invasion of Russia will be major agenda items, and it is expected that the G7 will confirm its policy of uniting and responding.

At the conference, discussions will be held on regional conditions including China and North Korea, climate change measures, energy issues, etc. Prime Minister Kishida will actively lead discussions for next year's G7 summit to be held in Hiroshima. I want to.

After the G7 summit, Prime Minister Kishida will head to Madrid, Spain, and will be the first Japanese Prime Minister to attend the NATO summit.

At the conference, he said that he would like to confirm the further cooperation between Japan and NATO, sharing the stance that no one-sided change in the status quo by force should be allowed in any region of the world, with Russia's military invasion and China's advance into the ocean in mind. is.