Due to the persistent drought and the associated risk of fire, the city of Wiesbaden is closing all public barbecue areas in and near the forest.

The city announced this on Thursday and declared warning level 3.

The population is asked to be more vigilant and to report any fire immediately on the emergency number 112.

If possible, the emergency services should be informed of the best way to reach the seat of the fire.

All driveways in fields and forests must be kept clear as escape routes.

Mechthild Harting

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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The state capital has also announced that the city police will monitor the forest areas more closely.

There is a year-round smoking ban in the forest.

Special requirements apply to the organizers of festivals.

Each barbecue stand must have additional fire extinguishers or filled buckets of water.

Frankfurt has also been warning of an increased risk of fire in the city forest for days and appealed to the population not to throw away bottles or cigarette butts.

Because this and broken glass could quickly ignite a fire.

If the dry and hot summer continues as announced, the environmental department will no longer rule out a barbecue ban on all public barbecue areas in the green areas and in the forest play parks.