A real harassment that turned into a nightmare.

This is what a 25-year-old young woman living in Toulouse experienced.

At the start of the year, she meets a 21-year-old young man with whom she becomes friends and whom she welcomes into his home.

But, after four months, she realizes that her feelings have changed and decides to end their story.

She asks him to leave, but he doesn't mean it that way.

Aggressive, he threatens her with death and one day pushes her violently.

Frightened, she leaves her apartment, calls the police and files a complaint.

Placed in police custody, her ex-boyfriend comes out free.

To start over again.

He threatens her again by sending her messages, calling her.

He harasses her as far as Gironde

She decides to take refuge with her mother, in Gironde.

But he finds his trace thanks to social networks and shows up at the door.

Neither she nor her mother open.

But the harassment continues, and she goes to her father in Corrèze.

Believing her still in Gironde, the ex forcefully enters her mother's house and jostles her, before leaving, realizing that the young woman is not there.

The latter decides to file a complaint again, a stranger having threatened her with death, which her former companion had predicted.

Not to mention that the latter managed to remotely access the photo gallery of his device and stole images of her naked, had to broadcast them on social networks.

Seized, the Unit for attacks on persons of the Toulouse national police summoned the young persecutor on Wednesday.

After 48 hours in police custody, he was brought to justice on Friday and was to be tried in immediate appearance.


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