It has been four months since Russia began its military invasion of Ukraine in 24 days.

In Ukraine, with more than 4,600 civilians allegedly killed, there is no clear path to the end of the fighting.

Russian troops appear to be focusing their forces on the two eastern states, especially in the Ukrainian base, Severodonetsk and adjacent Lysychans'k, with the aim of gaining full control of Luhansk Oblast in the near future.

The American think tank "War Institute" also pointed out on the 22nd that "Russian troops are likely to reach Lysychans'k in a few days."

On the other hand, the Ukrainian army is showing a move to recapture some controlled areas such as southern Kherson Oblast, and continues to fight fiercely on the coast of the Black Sea and the island of the base, which is the transportation route for grain export. ..

Under these circumstances, Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov revealed on the 23rd that the high-mobility rocket artillery system = Hymers, which is said to be capable of long-range and precise attacks, arrived from the United States and provided military support to the Western side. He revealed his desire to strengthen the reversal offensive with momentum.

Regarding HIMARS, the US Department of Defense announced on the 23rd that it will provide an additional 4 units, and a total of 8 units will be provided.

According to the US Department of Defense, since the end of February, when Russia's invasion began, the total amount of military aid has reached about $ 6.1 billion, or about 820 billion yen in Japanese yen.

Meanwhile, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has announced that at least 4662 civilians have died in Ukraine between February 24 and June 22, as the military invasion has begun.

The actual number of casualties is expected to be much higher, as the casualties in eastern Mariupol and other areas where fierce battles have continued have not yet been confirmed.

An adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine said on the 11th that the death toll of Ukrainian soldiers is about 100 per day, and that 10,000 soldiers may have been killed so far. doing.

Regarding the number of deaths on the Russian side, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not announced the number since it announced 1351 in late March, but the British Ministry of Defense may reach about 15,000 on May 23. It points out that it is expensive.

The Russian and Ukrainian troops are engaged in attrition warfare with many losses, and even four months after the Russian military invasion, there is no way to end the battle.