The World Food Program said it was forced last May to suspend all of its activities in Yemen, and may move to make further reductions this month due to lack of funding.

In its report last month, the WFP said it needs $1.5 billion to meet humanitarian needs in Yemen over the next six months.

The global program added that it is inevitable to cut off additional aid unless additional funds are urgently obtained.

The report warned that the disruption of wheat supplies due to the war in Ukraine threatens to exacerbate the food security crisis with the rise in wheat prices and the dwindling of its stocks in the country, and the decline in the purchasing power of Yemenis.

The United Nations has asked donor countries for aid to raise billions of dollars to face Yemen's food crisis, amid warnings that millions of Yemenis are facing the threat of starvation.

Last March, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the Ukraine war would exacerbate the suffering of Yemenis as a result of the skyrocketing food and fuel prices.

Guterres said that millions of Yemenis are suffering from severe hunger, and noted that the World Food Program was forced to halve food rations due to a lack of funding, and that there were more cuts on the horizon.