China News Service, June 23. Zhao Zhongchen, deputy director of the National Narcotics Control Office and deputy director of the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, introduced on the 23rd that since the beginning of this year, the national public security organs have carefully organized and carried out drug control "clearing the source and cutting off the flow" in accordance with the deployment of the National Drug Control Commission and the Ministry of Public Security. The operation has further promoted the implementation of eight sub-actions. From January to May, more than 14,000 drug-related crimes were cracked nationwide, more than 18,000 drug-related suspects were arrested, and a total of 7.8 tons of various drugs were seized, effectively preventing and controlling the epidemic. Under the normalized conditions, the risk of my country's drug problem rebounding has effectively consolidated and deepened the situation that my country's anti-drug situation has continued to improve against the background of the global drug situation deteriorating.

  On June 23, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to report the new achievements and new achievements of the national public security organs in the new era of drug control work. actions, etc.

At the meeting, a reporter asked about the progress and achievements of the National Narcotics Control Commission and the Ministry of Public Security's deployment to carry out the nationwide anti-drug "clearing the source and cutting off the flow" campaign at the beginning of this year. Zhao Zhongchen disclosed the above information.

  Zhao Zhongchen also introduced four aspects of work:

  Aiming at drug infiltration in the "Golden Triangle" region, we continued to carry out the "clean border" operation. With the help of physical blocking facilities and a three-dimensional prevention and control system at the Yunnan border, we strengthened border control and multi-channel investigation by land, sea, air, and mail, and further promoted "pulling nails to chase and flee" to capture hidden 23 drug-related fugitives abroad.

Strengthen international law enforcement cooperation in drug control, implement overseas source clearance, and destroy many drug factories overseas.

  In response to domestic drug trafficking activities, we carried out in-depth "cluster crackdowns" and "cluster crackdowns". A total of 1,231 drug production and trafficking gangs were destroyed, and the anti-drug operation in delivery logistics was deepened. 543 cases of drug trafficking through delivery and logistics channels were cracked, and 765 kilograms of drugs were seized.

  In response to the problem of drug production in individual places in China, the "De-icing and Anti-drug" operation was carried out in depth, a total of 59 drug production cases were cracked, and 56 drug production dens were destroyed; More than 240 tons of chemicals and more than 720 tons of non-scheduled chemicals.

  In response to the problem of drug abuse, we continued to deepen the "Safe Care" campaign. A total of 78,000 drug addicts were found and dealt with, of which more than 30,000 drug addicts were newly discovered.

  Zhao Zhongchen said that the next step will be to organize the national anti-drug departments to further deepen the anti-drug "clearing the source and cutting off the flow" action, and always maintain a zero-tolerance and strict crackdown on drug-related crimes.