Germany: activation of level two of the national gas supply emergency plan

“We are in a gas crisis.

Gas has become a rare resource,” said the Minister of Economy and Climate, environmentalist Robert Habeck.

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Germany activated level two of its gas supply emergency plan on the morning of June 23.

The decline in Russian deliveries since last week explains this measure announced today.


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With our correspondent in Berlin,

Pascal Thibaut


We are in a gas crisis.

Gas has become a scarce resource

 ": the Minister of Economy and Climate, environmentalist Robert Habeck announced this morning at a press conference that Germany was activating the alert level of its plan of emergency intended to guarantee the country's gas supply.

At the end of March, a pre-alert level with stricter control of daily flows and the filling of storage facilities had been triggered.

The level two in place since today is a reaction to the significant drop in Russian gas deliveries.

The Nord Stream gas pipeline no longer transports to Germany more than 40% of the usual volume.

The alert level is put in place when a high risk of a long-term shortage is to be feared.

Germany is still able to manage

The market is still able to manage the current impasses.

The government has not activated a measure that would allow suppliers to pass on current price increases to individuals in real time.

A significant deterioration in the situation would trigger “ 

the emergency level


It provides for him, a rationing of gas, individuals and strategic infrastructure having priority over businesses.

We are not there yet.

But the government recommends saving money and announced a few days ago the use of coal-fired power stations which had been put on hold but which can be reactivated.

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