China News Service, June 23. According to Taiwan's "Zhongshi News Network" report, at 3:30 pm on the 22nd, an S-70C anti-submarine helicopter of the Taiwan Navy was performing the test flight operation. The Eagle Base landed heavily on the runway in this field, causing 4 people on board to be seriously injured and rushed to the hospital for treatment. One of them suffered the most serious burns and fell into a coma.

Some people photographed the plane crashing out of a lot of smoke.

Image source: Taiwan "Central News Agency"

  The Taiwan Naval Command also ordered the helicopter to immediately suspend mission dispatch and implement special flight safety inspections. At the same time, a project team will be organized to conduct in-depth investigations on weather, personnel operations or machine parts to clarify the cause of the accident.

  The S-70C anti-submarine helicopter with No. 2303 took off at 3:30 p.m. on the 22nd at the Zuoying Condor Base in Kaohsiung. Lying on its side on the runway, the fire burst into flames, the smoke shot straight into the sky, and the fuselage tail and propeller were broken.

An S-70C anti-submarine helicopter of the Taiwan Navy suddenly crashed on the runway on the 22nd due to a suspected equipment failure, and the tail and rotor were broken.

Image source: Photo by Liu Xuesheng, a reporter from Taiwan's "United Daily News"

  In the first instant of the crash, due to the great impact force, the parts of the aircraft were scattered everywhere, and iron blocks smashed the iron rolling door of the adjacent residential house.

The owner of a nearby car maintenance factory said that when he walked out of the factory at about 3:57 in the afternoon, he saw black smoke wafting from the camp, with a pungent burning smell, and a neighbor heard a loud "bang".

  The 4 people on board were seriously injured and were rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. Many family members rushed to the scene to understand the situation after receiving the news.

Data map: S-70C anti-submarine helicopter.

Image source: Taiwan "United Daily News"

  It is reported that the helicopter has been in service for nearly 30 years, and every regular maintenance is normal.

The Taiwan navy stated that this is a routine training, and the aircraft is seriously damaged, and will be further identified and reviewed.