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A wild black bear has appeared in a luxury residential complex in Naples, Florida, USA.

The bear stalked a villager's garage, passed between cars, and roamed on the lawn in the front yard.

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This area is adjacent to Pikayun State Forest Park, and it seems that bears that had been living in the forest park came down to private houses.

At that time, the man who filmed the video with the bear at a distance of less than 10m calmly joked to the bear, "Who are you looking for? Do you have a pass?" said to have disappeared.

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Fortunately, it is known that no residents were harmed by the appearance of this bear.

However, the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission has warned residents to take precautions to avoid encountering bears, such as keeping trash bins closed in case they appear.

Netizens showed reactions such as "Looking around is like a person who has come to see the house^^", "It seems that they are coming down because there is nothing to eat. Poor development is the problem."

(Screen source: Twitter Yimmyishere·Ross McGee)