People's Power Representative Lee Jun-seok and Supreme Councilor Bae Hyun-jin had another nerve battle at the Supreme Council meeting today (23rd).

At around 9 am today, when CEO Lee appeared in the highest-level meeting room, the senior member of the ship in a purple suit, who arrived first and sat there, approached him and asked to shake hands.

However, as CEO Lee struggled to push the hand extended by the Bae Supreme Council member, an embarrassing appearance was produced.

In the process, Chairman Bae even grabbed the wrist of Chairman Lee, but Chairman Lee refused to do so.

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Chairman Bae said goodbye to other members of the meeting and patted Chairman Lee on the shoulder as he returned to his seat, but Chairman Lee did not respond.

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This scene was broadcast live as it is through the official YouTube channel of the People's Power, right sound.

Recently, the two have been clashing one after another at a closed meeting over the direction of the Party Innovation Committee and the issue of recommendation for the top member of the People's Party.

At a closed meeting on the 13th, it was reported that Bae had directly hit the Party Innovation Committee launched by Chairman Lee, saying, "It can be misunderstood as a petty private organization."

At the undisclosed supreme meeting on the 16th, the two confronted CEO Lee's opposition to the appointment of the top member recommended by Rep. Ahn Cheol-soo, saying, "It looks boring" (CEO Bae) and "an important issue to change the composition of the leadership" (CEO Lee). reported to have done so.

The clash between the two was escalated by an open argument at a public meeting on the 20th over the responsibility of leaking the contents of a private meeting.

At that time, CEO Lee expressed his discomfort about leaking the contents of the closed meeting, saying, "I will not discuss pending issues at the closed meeting from today under the authority of the chairman of the Supreme Council." Inside the party, necessary internal conversations must be continued in a healthy way.”

(Photo = Yonhap News)