The parliamentarian noted that the military, volunteers, journalists, civil servants were involved in the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

Many need rest and recovery, Milonov explained.

The deputy stressed that after the completion of active actions, it will be necessary to create a new sanatorium and resort program for all those who have made their "contribution to the victory over Nazism."

“In this regard, I ask you to consider the idea of ​​early development and creation in our country of a specialized sanatorium and resort program for participants in hostilities.

A possible program could be aimed at preventing the consequences of participation in hostilities, as well as restoring the physical health and strength of the NWO participants, ”the text of the appeal says.

In addition, the interlocutor of RT stated the need to provide all participants and members of their families with free travel vouchers to resorts in Russia or to resorts in friendly and allied states.

Earlier, Milonov proposed to introduce a special universal uniform (uniform) for high-ranking civil servants, deputies of regional assemblies, the State Duma and the Federation Council.