In the past five years, the number of drug-related illegal and criminal activities in my country, the number of newly discovered drug addicts, and the number of existing drug addicts have decreased year by year.

The situation in the fight against drugs continues to improve (rule of law headlines)

  Our reporter Zhang Tianpei

  "People's Daily" (19th edition on June 23, 2022)

  June is my country's National Anti-Drug Publicity Month, and June 26 this year is the 35th International Anti-Drug Day.

Anti-drug publicity activities with the theme of "healthy life, green and non-toxic" have been launched in various places.

  In recent years, in order to crack down on drug-related illegal and criminal activities and protect people's lives and health, the anti-drug operation has been launched again and again, and the anti-drug policemen have gone forward bravely. The national anti-drug departments have handed over an excellent transcript to the party and the people -

  According to a survey by the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, the national anti-drug work mass satisfaction and the masses' recognition of the public security organs' crackdown on drug-related crimes are 96.78% and 96.79% respectively.

  According to reports, in the past five years, the number of drug-related criminal activities in my country, the number of newly discovered drug addicts, and the number of existing drug addicts have decreased year by year.

Among them, in 2021, the number of drug crime cases solved nationwide will drop by 61.4% compared with 2016; by the end of 2021, the number of existing drug addicts in the country will have dropped by 40.7% compared with the end of 2016.

  Groups of data show that my country's anti-drug work has achieved remarkable results, but the impact of the continued spread of drugs around the world cannot be ignored.

"We must continue to deepen various anti-drug work measures, constantly improve the drug governance system with Chinese characteristics, realize the continuous improvement of the anti-drug situation, and resolutely win the people's war against drugs in the new era." The relevant person in charge of the Drug Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security said.

Block the entry of drugs

Deepen the "cluster zero" tactics

  The Lancang River flows endlessly, winding down, separating Menghan Town and Jingha Township in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province.

The green hills on the shore are green, and the ferry boats shuttle across the river. It is a busy scene.

  At 9:00 a.m. on May 24, two Chinese law enforcement boats set sail from the Jingha Wharf here, officially launching the 117th China-Laos-Myanmar-Thailand joint patrol and law enforcement operation on the Mekong River.

  On June 4, during the law enforcement operation, the Water Patrol Corps of the Public Security Department of Yunnan Province obtained a criminal clue about "criminals of a certain country want to transport large quantities of drugs through the Mekong waterway", and immediately notified the relevant law enforcement in Laos, Myanmar and Thailand through the joint headquarters. department.

After many unremitting efforts, the two suspects were finally successfully captured and 1.44 tons of drugs were seized.

  Police Officer Pu of the Investigation Detachment of the Water Patrol Corps of the Public Security Department of Yunnan Province recalled that at the beginning of the establishment of the joint patrol and law enforcement mechanism, large-scale drug trafficking cases were often seized in the Lancang-Mekong River Basin. Many young team members were shocked when they saw tons of drugs for the first time. .

  The joint patrol law enforcement mechanism has been in operation for more than 10 years. With the unremitting efforts of the law enforcement agencies of the four countries, the security situation in the river basin and the anti-drug situation have been significantly improved. Drug crimes have changed from rampant to occasional, from occasional to long-term non-issue, and the problem of drug outflow in the "Golden Triangle" area has been improved. effective governance.

  Recently, the Ministry of Public Security's "No. 2021-85" ministerial-level drug trafficking case was successfully detected.

According to the police handling the case in Xiaogan, Hubei, 122 drug-related criminals were arrested in the case, 6 drug-related criminal gangs were destroyed, and 8.1 kilograms of drugs were seized. It also blocked a drug trafficking channel that entered the country from abroad and transited to Hubei, Kyrgyzstan, Anhui and Hunan provinces.

  "While keeping an eye on major and important cases, we should start with drug addicts, make efforts from the end of drug consumption, continuously strengthen special projects, crack down on clusters, crack down on local drug addicts and trafficking gangs, eliminate the risk of drug addicts causing accidents, and make every effort to improve the people. A sense of security.” The relevant person in charge of the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security introduced.

  Since 2019, public security organs across the country have investigated and handled 1,010 "cluster zero" cases, seized 64,700 drug-related persons, and seized 7.87 tons of various drugs.

  The relevant person in charge of the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security said that in the future, the public security drug control department will continue to use sewage drug testing, hair drug testing, and drug control big data applications as the guide to continue to innovate and enrich the anti-drug wars such as "pulling nails to chase and flee" and "cluster zero". The law, cracking major cases, fighting gangs, destroying the Internet, catching drug lords, paying drug funds, cracking down on drug crimes in the whole chain, and further effectively curbing the high incidence of drug crimes.

Be alert to the emergence of new drugs

Severely crack down on drug-related crimes

  Not long ago, the Public Security Bureau of Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province successively carried out a net collection operation against a suspect involved in a drug-related crime in Qingdao, Jiaozhou, Jinan and other places, and successfully cracked a case of trafficking in a new type of drug and synthetic cannabinoids, destroying a crime involving hundreds of people. gang.

  In August 2021, the police in Jiaozhou, Shandong discovered at work that someone was selling a new type of drug called "top electronic cigarette" online.

It is understood that smoking such electronic cigarettes will cause dizziness, vomiting, trance, and even suffocation, shock, and sudden death.

After inspection, this type of electronic cigarette contains synthetic cannabinoids, which belong to the new psychoactive substances controlled by the state.

  According to Officer Wang of the Anti-drug Brigade of Jiaozhou Public Security Bureau, this kind of "top electronic cigarette", the so-called "top electronic cigarette" is the reaction after drug use.

  As the police's crackdown continues to intensify, some lawbreakers have disguised new drugs as common items such as e-cigarettes, jumping candy, happy water, diet pills, etc.

  "Compared with traditional drugs such as opium and heroin, new drugs mainly refer to hallucinogenic drugs synthesized by artificial chemical synthesis, as well as narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs that can make people addicted." Officer Wang introduced that new drugs directly affect people. The central nervous system is very exciting, the behavior is out of control, the brain function is destroyed, and the harm to oneself, family and society is very great.

  During the handling of the case, the police also found that the group who smoked "e-cigarettes on the top" showed a trend of younger age.

"Many of the people involved in this case are young people in their 20s." Chen Jian, deputy director of the Jiaozhou Public Security Bureau, said that young people are easily attracted to new things, and their ability to resist temptation is weak, and must be strengthened with relevant departments. Cooperate to improve the awareness of drug knowledge, drug prevention, and drug rejection among young people, so as to prevent young people from falling into the traps carefully designed by drug dealers.

  At the same time, drug-related issues such as delivery channels have also attracted the attention of the police.

  In the Beijing transshipment center of a courier company, under the guidance of the police, more than 10 anti-drug dogs nimbly ran around and sniffed the parcels.

This is the scene during Beijing's 100-day anti-drug campaign in the delivery channel.

  Nowadays, with the rapid development of new forms of Internet business and the delivery industry, some criminals use the "Internet + delivery" contactless method to smuggle and traffic drugs.

  "The Internet is highly concealed, the delivery network is widely distributed, and the transportation and payment are fast, which provides an opportunity for criminals to carry out drug trafficking." Zhang Jihong, deputy chief of the anti-drug corps of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, said, cracking down on "Internet + delivery" drug-related crimes. It is a systematic project. The anti-drug corps will fully mobilize large enterprises such as the Internet, express delivery, and logistics to actively cooperate and urge enterprises to fulfill their anti-drug responsibilities.

  "We have set up anti-drug commissioners in large delivery companies to enhance couriers' awareness of drugs and prevention awareness, and further enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of delivery practitioners to participate in the fight against drugs." Zhang Jihong introduced that since last year, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has A total of more than 270 drug-related cases in delivery channels were cracked, and more than 310 drug-related criminal suspects were arrested.

Deepen anti-drug publicity and education

Strengthen technical monitoring and early warning

  "Even if it's just a single drug, as long as someone takes it, it is the beginning of the destruction of a person or a family; no matter how simple a case is, as long as drugs are involved, it will cause huge social harm." Chang Chen Xiaofeng said that since he was engaged in anti-drug work, he has witnessed the suffering of countless drug addicts, many of whom should be vigorous teenagers.

Their exposure to drugs often starts from inadvertent and inattentiveness, and then falls into the abyss of inescapable extrication.

  "Fundamentally curb the proliferation of drug-related cases and prevent tragedies for individuals and families, the anti-drug work must insist on moving the border forward and prevention first, and carry out publicity and education to the masses through various means to continuously improve the masses' awareness of drug prevention." Hubei Yang Daobing, a policeman from the Fourth Brigade of the Anti-drug Detachment of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau, said.

  At 10 am on June 1, a fresh and lively "anti-drug subway train" with green as the main color was opened on Wuhan Metro Line 4. Two anti-drug propaganda cartoon characters "Jing" were named after the homonym of "anti-drug" in Wuhan dialect. Crystal" and "Doudou" also appeared.

  The person in charge of the Wuhan Anti-Narcotics Office introduced that by posting anti-drug propaganda slogans and posters in the carriages, and using subway TVs to broadcast anti-drug knowledge and public service advertisements, the concept of "healthy, non-toxic, green travel" has been continuously spread in a multi-angle, all-round and in-depth manner. , I hope that the majority of passengers, especially young people, will subtly receive anti-drug education in their daily travel.

  "In this down-to-earth way, everyone starts from understanding the harm of drugs, and subtly receives anti-drug education, and finally forms a strong atmosphere of consciously resisting drugs in the whole society." Yang Daobing said.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Public Security, in recent years, the drug control department of the public security department has established a drug prevention education system covering the whole population, especially for young people.

  Through the sewage concentrate in the small test tube, follow the line and dig out the drug factory thousands of miles away... This is not a plot in a suspenseful detective novel, but a real case of technology-enabled anti-drug combat.

  "We should focus on publicity and prevention education on the one hand, and scientific and technological innovation on drug control on the other." To prevent drug crimes, we must not only do a good job of publicity and education in the whole society, but also continuously improve the role of technology applications in intelligent research and judgment on drug control.

Yang Daobing introduced: "By mastering new drug detection technology, we have applied cutting-edge scientific research results to the identification of hair, sewage and other fields, so as to more accurately judge the occurrence of criminal acts and provide a basis for combating and preventing drug crimes."

  "We make full use of modern environmental monitoring principles and scientific and efficient chemical detection methods to establish analysis strategies for sewage, soil, sediment, hair and other samples, so as to evaluate the regional toxicity situation and changing trends, and build a multi-dimensional monitoring system to accurately Monitoring and early warning of drug situations, to prevent drug-related crimes to the greatest extent possible," introduced Du Mingluo of the Guangdong Branch of the National Narcotics Laboratory.

  At present, the country has established a national drug laboratory and five sub-centers, and five regional sub-centers of national anti-drug big data, constantly strengthening drug situation monitoring and effect evaluation, and improving the level of scientific decision-making.