In this House of Councilors election, 545 people, including the constituency and proportional representation, submitted their candidacy.

It is an appeal of a candidate for a hot constituency.

Tokyo [Capacity 6] Candidates nationwide, 34 people

The capacity of the Tokyo constituency is 6, which is the largest in Japan.

There are 34 candidates, the largest number in Japan.

In the last and last elections, the ruling party and the opposition party shared three seats each, and it is expected that each party will compete in the election contest this time as well.

The candidates for the Tokyo constituency were

▽ NHK party rookie Setta Kenji (51)

▽ Japan's first party rookie Sugawara Miyuki (60)

▽ Reiwa Shinsengumi former member Taro Yamamoto (47 )


▽ Rookie of various factions, Mr. Nogiku Nakamura (42)

▽ Rookie of the new party, Hiroshi Ando (57)

▽ Rookie of the Japan Restoration Society, Mr. Yuki Ebisawa (48)

▽ Rookie of the First Party, National Democratic Party Recommended by Chiyo Araki (40)

▽ Ryoichi Hattori (72) , a newcomer to the Liberal Democratic

Party ▽ Yohei Hasegawa (45) , a newcomer to the NHK Party ▽

Taku Yamazoe (37)

, a newcomer to the NHK Party Keiji (38)

▽ Komeito incumbent Toshiko Takeya (52)

▽ NHK party newcomer Ken Tanaka (56)

▽ Newcomers of various factions Ryoji Kasuzawa (54)

▽ Newcomers of various factions Yasufumi Kuwashima (60)

▽ Rookie of various denominations Haruhiko Obata (36)

▽ Rookie of various denominations Teruki Goto (39)

▽ Incumbent Kentaro Asahi of the Liberal Democratic Party (46)

▽ Rookie of various denominations Hiroshi Komiyama (48)

▽ Rookie of the Happiness Realization Party Mr. Yukihisa Oikawa (62)

▽ Mr. Masayuki Aoyama (60), a newcomer to various factions ▽

Mr. Akiko Ikuina (54), a newcomer to the Liberal

Democratic Party ▽ Mr. Akihiro Matsuo (47), a newcomer to the

Constitutional Democratic Party 54)

▽ Mr. Yohei Saiki (30), a newcomer to various factions ▽

Mr. Kenji Kono (74), a newcomer to the Liberal Democratic Party and a new style

▽ Independent newcomer Hirotada Ototake (46)

▽ Independent newcomer Tomoharu Nakagawa (64) ▽ Independent newcomer

Mana Tamura (34) ▽ Independent newcomer Hisao

Naito (65)

▽ NHK party newcomer Miki Matsuda (35)

▽ Rookie of the Party, Izumio Kawanishi (41)

▽ Independent newcomer Fumimasa Yui (78)

▽ Independent newcomer Takashi Nakamura (62)

There are 34 people above.

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Iwate [Capacity 1]

Iwate constituency competing for one seat.

Mr. Kidoguchi, the incumbent of the Constitutional Democratic Party, is aiming for the second term with the support of the prefectural organizations of the Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party.

The Liberal Democratic Party will support Mr. Hirose, a lawyer, and with the recommendation of the Komeito, aim to win the seat for the first time in 30 years.

The candidates for the


constituency were in the order of notification

. Eiji Kidoguchi (58)

▽ NHK Party rookie, Takatsugu Matsuda (48) ▽ Unaffiliated

rookie, Yuko Ogoshi (58)

and above.

Candidate Hirose (Liberal Democratic Party / New)

"I want to enrich the lives of everyone living in Iwate. I want to make Iwate such a place where everyone can live happily. After the population decline, many children, women, young people, everyone are here. I will make Iwate such a place where you can live happily in Japan. ”

Candidate Shiratori (Sansei / Shin)

“ The mechanism is completely different from the existing political parties. Let's create a new society. ”

Candidate Kidoguchi (Liberal Democratic Party, present)

“ First of all, increase consumption. We will think about this first. , And it will be in the hands of business people. We will build the system and budget. "

Matsuda Candidate (N Party, New)

" Raise the birth rate, increase the population, all problems must start from here I don't think it will be resolved, so I want to make Japan a country that grows again. ”

Candidate Ogoshi (No / New)

“ Abolishing 10% consumption tax, calm and calm, both national affairs and diplomacy would like to contribute to Japan. We are doing it. "

Yamagata [Capacity 1]

Yamagata constituency competing for one seat.

In the elections three and six years ago, opposition candidates beat the LDP candidates.

This time, Mr. Funayama, the incumbent of the Democratic Party for the People, is aiming for the third term with the support of the Constitutional Democratic Party Prefectural Federation.

The Liberal Democratic Party, on the other hand, temporarily considered putting off the candidate, but as a result of the adjustment, it will support Mr. Ouchi, a former member of the prefectural assembly, and will aim to win a seat after receiving the recommendation of the Komeito.

In addition, the Communist Party also has a newcomer, Mr. Ishikawa, who is a member of the party prefectural committee.

The candidates for the Yamagata constituency were, in the order of notification,

▽ Rookie of the Participating Party, Akira Kuroki (48)

▽ Incumbent of the Democratic Party for the People, Yasue Funayama (56)

▽ Rookie of the Communist Party, Wataru Ishikawa (48)

▽ NHK Party Akira Koizumi (51)

, a newcomer to the Liberal Democratic Party


Candidate Kuroki (Sansei / Shin)

"Problems faced by Yamagata, population decline. People gather more and more in areas where the primary industry is thriving, and raise children. I want to create such Yamagata."

Candidate Funayama (People)・ Current)

"Wood prices, fuel prices, and raw material prices are all rising. The Kan administration, and then the Kishida administration. There are many studies, examinations, examinations, and examinations. Gas tax, decision to reduce consumption tax, If you make a loud voice, you will be one or two steps closer to achieving this. ”

Candidate Ishikawa (Communist / New)

“ The salary will not rise at all and only the prices will rise. This will make life difficult. Let's change this politics together. We will urgently reduce the consumption tax to 5% and support everyone's lives. ”

Candidate Koizumi (N Party, New)

“ Relief of Young Carers, I will help you to follow up and take care of your surroundings. I would like to create an area where you can do that. ”

Candidate Ouchi (self-employed / new)

“ Younger people are flowing out of the prefecture. There is nothing and the wage gap. I want to somehow overcome the common problems that this region has. I think that it is directly connected to the ruling party and I will work with the help of the Kishida administration. I am. "

Niigata [Capacity 1] Composition where the ruling and opposition parties confront

The Niigata constituency is a "one-person district" with a capacity of 1, and the ruling and opposition parties confront each other.

The Liberal Democratic Party will support Mr. Kobayashi, a former member of the prefectural assembly, and will receive the recommendation of the Komeito Party, aiming to regain the seats.

Mr. Mori, who is the current secretary-general of the House of Councilors of the Constitutional Democratic Party and is aiming for the fourth term, wants to mobilize the opposition forces with the recommendation of the Social Democratic Party.

The candidates

for the Niigata constituency were in the order of



▽ A newcomer to the Liberal Democratic Party and recommended by the Komeito Party, Kazuhiro Kobayashi (49)

and above.

Candidate Endo (Shinsei / Shin)

"If we don't choose people who really work toward the people, we can't even live our lives."

Candidate Ochi (N Party / Shin)

"Those who are tried by NHK NHK reception fee is free for elderly people and those who can live on pensions. ”

Mori Candidate (Ritsumin / Current)

“ Abnormally high prices, everyone's lives are hitting the workplace. We will fight to protect the lives of all of you, the people who work, and the economy of the region. ”

Candidate Kobayashi (Private / New)

“ Crude oil / raw materials / food / fertilizer / feed. We have to be close to you. We will revitalize the economy and raise employment and income. If Niigata becomes healthy, Japan will become healthy. We will change the political landscape of Niigata. "

Kyoto [Capacity 2]

Kyoto constituency competing for two seats.

For a long time, the LDP and the opposition have shared one seat at a time.

This time, the Liberal Democratic Party will support Mr. Yoshii as the chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, Ninoyu, will retire, and will receive the recommendation of the Komeito Party, aiming to maintain the seats.

Mr. Fukuyama, the incumbent of the Constitutional Democratic Party, is aiming for the fifth election.

The Nippon Ishin no Kai has Mr. Kusui.

Recommended by the Democratic Party for the People.

The Communist Party will support Mr. Takeyama and aim to win the seats that will continue three years ago.

The candidates for the Kyoto constituency were in the order of notification:

▽ Rookie of the Communist Party, Ayako Takeyama (51)

▽ Incumbent of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Tetsuro Fukuyama (60)

▽ Rookie of the New Party, Motoyuki Hirai (43)

▽ Restoration Kumi Hashimoto (53), a newcomer to the political party, Kumi Hashimoto (53)

▽ Tatsuya Hoshino, a newcomer to the NHK party (33)

▽ Yuji Adachi, a newcomer to the political party (40)

▽ Masahiko Omi (52), a newcomer to the NHK party

▽ Japan Yuko Kusui (54), a newcomer to the Ishin no Kai, recommended by the Democratic Party for the



Candidate Takeyama (Communist / New)

"Even though the price of goods is rising steadily, wages and pensions are falling. Isn't it strange? Isn't it the job of politics to enable everyone to live without anxiety? Let's move politics forward with various voices. From this fierce battlefield, this Kyoto, I will definitely do my best in the Diet. "

Fukuyama Candidate (Ritsumin / Present)

" The impact of high prices on all the people is already big. I think that the only way to absorb this high price is to reduce the consumption tax to 5% on a timely basis. I absolutely need a strong opposition party that is straightforward and stable.

"・ New)

“I think it is necessary to get out of the current theory of tight finance. I would like to advance the theory of financial mobilization as much as possible.”

Candidate Hashimoto (Shinfu / Shin)

“I myself have worked in the field of education for over 20 years I have been here, so I will support children and child-rearing. I will appeal. ”

Candidate Hoshino (N Party, New)

“ While valuing the national perspective and the national sense.

Candidate Adachi (Politics / New) "We


to protect this child's education, food and health, and the country. We want to protect the people and the people of the future."

Candidate Omi (Omi) N party, new)

"Reception fee problem. Pensioners have a pledge to make it free. I would like to push forward with this."

Candidate Kusui (Ishin, Shin)

"Especially in this corona, the problem of economic disparity that has been highlighted, and the problem of measures against the declining birthrate, which has been left behind and tried to do its best but continues to stagnate. From the perspective of workers and the perspective of housewives. Same as everyone else. We will cherish our senses and bring them into politics to change the country. ”

Candidate Yoshii (self-reliant / new)

“ We will move forward with socio-economic activities in the after-corona. At the same time, we will revive the lost economy. We will mobilize the economy firmly, raise the salary, and firmly link it to consumption, which is 60% of GDP. "

Hyogo [Capacity 3] Fierce battle by 13 people, the highest number ever

The capacity of the Hyogo constituency is 3.

Mr. Suematsu of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Ito of the Komeito Party, and Mr. Katayama of the Nippon Ishin no Kai will aim to maintain their seats.

Aizaki from the Constitutional Democratic Party and Komura from the Communist Party are aiming to win seats.

It is a fierce battle between 13 people, which is the largest number ever in the Hyogo constituency.

The candidates

for the Hyogo constituency were in the order




Hideya Inagaki (53), a

newcomer to the new


, Hajime Hayami (37), a newcomer to the NHK party


▽ Restoration party, newcomer Hidetaka Kuroda (75)

▽ LDP incumbent Shinsuke Suematsu (66)

▽ NHK party rookie Yamazaki Aiko (37)

▽ Constitutional Democratic Party rookie recommended by the Social Democratic Party Sawako Aizaki (49)

▽ Chizuru Nakaso (60), a newcomer to the NHK Party

▽ Jun Komura (46), a newcomer to the Communist Party


Candidate Nishimura (Shinsei / Shin)

"Voice of the field, voice of the elderly, is it properly connected to the policy? We have to do something here for the future of Japan."

Candidate Katayama (Renewal / Present)

" As revealed by Corona, the authority of the national and local governments is ambiguous, and even regulatory reforms cannot be fully implemented due to the shackles. We will change the inaction of the current country.

Candidate Kihara (No / New) "First of all,


ran for the realization of a mask-free society and the relief of vaccine victims, thinking that I absolutely must do this."

Candidate Inagaki (Kuni / Shin)

"This wrong economic policy, everyone can get angry. We will reduce the consumption tax to zero and aggressively mobilize the Japanese economy to put the Japanese economy on a revitalization track."

Hayami Candidate (N Party, Shin) )

"You can prevent depression and dementia by just moving your body. Thank you for your support of the National Sports Subsidy Program for Health Promotion."

Candidate Ito (Komei / Present)

"Problems of young carers" There are many children who can't do their homework, can't go to school, can't think about their career paths, and so on. By protecting those children, Creating a society where no one is left behind "

Candidate Satomura (Happiness / New)

" Scattering calls for a tax increase without exception. If a tax increase is made, the economy will worsen. Tax cuts should be the first. "

Candidate Kuroda (Shinfu / Shin) new)

"If you leave politics only to politicians who have only party interests, the lives of the nation-state will not be stable. I want to do my best to normalize as parliamentary politics


" We have problems, Ukraine problems, fuel problems, food problems, and many other problems, but what is needed now is a great power to make bold decisions and carry out. We must aim for political stability. I would like you to help me and the Liberal Democratic Party for that purpose. ”

Candidate Yamazaki (N Party, Shin)

“ I can participate in politics while raising children. We want to deliver the voice of a woman, the voice of a mother, and the voice closely related to real life. ”

Candidate Aizaki (Ritsumin / Shin)

“ We are relieved to enhance child-rearing, education, nursing care, and medical care. We will thoroughly create a society in which we can live. We will speak to the country, change the country, and live with peace of mind so that we will not have a difficult feeling or a difficult situation. I want to create a society where I can continue to live in the country. ”

Candidate Nakaso (N Party, Shin)

“ I have to pay the reception fee even though I'm not watching TV. Such a strange problem is called the realization of scrambled broadcasting.

Candidate Komura (Communist / New) "


must not make Japan a country that will war again. Making the military budget of 5 trillion yen to 11 trillion yen will save lives and livelihoods." There is no choice but to cut off the social security for the purpose or raise the consumption tax significantly. Even with the current high prices, this is not possible. "

Okinawa [Capacity 1] Is it a fierce battle between the ruling and opposition parties in view of the governor's election?






Candidate Inami (None / Present)

"To make a peaceful Okinawa without a base a restart that will be realized now. From the standpoint of the citizens of the prefecture, we will firmly challenge the government and work to improve the situation in Okinawa.

Candidate Koja (Liberal Democratic Party / New)

"I am convinced that the next 50 years will be an era in which Okinawa will lead Japan


It will be an immediate force to create the future of Okinawa by turning the voices of the citizens of the prefecture into power. "

Candidate Yamamoto (N Party, New)

" Because it is the NHK Party, everyone in the party will destroy NHK. , I'm standing one by one all over Japan, so I'd like to do it all over Japan. ”

Candidate Kono (Government / Shin)

“ I want to do education in particular. From Okinawa to Japan and the world. It's like jumping out, I would like to develop such human resources. ”

Candidate Kaneshiro (Happiness / New)

“ It is not clear whether the United States will protect Taiwan or Okinawa anymore. Protect your country yourself "