• Madrueño Submarinista, cooks and heir to the oldest liquor store in Madrid: this is the girl from Telecinco's 'El tiempo'

Laura Madrueño

has spent five years updating the Telecinco audience on the

weather situation

in the country, but now she is the one who has become


for a very exciting reason.

The weather girl

has married her boyfriend,

the architect Álvaro Puerto,

with whom she has been dating for five years.

The idyllic wedding has been celebrated

for three days

with the sea, her environmental passion and her love for the ocean as the real protagonists.

The waters of


have been the best possible backdrop.

The meteorologist herself has told all

the details of their relationship

in a report made for the magazine



"We need a few days to assimilate everything, but

we are delighted,"

she begins by saying her.

The images offered by the publication show Laura Madrueño very excited and

unable to hold back her tears.

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All the ends were tied so that nothing went wrong on your big day.

Laura dressed

in white on a sailboat

with the help and company of

her parents,

Mariano and Margarita.

It was her mother who gave the final touches to the tail of a dress belonging to

the firm Yolancris,

which stood out for having a low


that revealed her toned dorsal area.

Her wedding dress opted for the cut-out on the sides, without a doubt, one of the most demanded trends of the season and that Queen Letizia herself put in the running a few weeks ago to attend an event in Valencia.

The bouquet and floral arrangements

were created with flowers from the land by the Ibizan studio Amma.

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The wedding has been truly unforgettable and has taken place

over a whole weekend.

The bride and groom said "yes, I do" on board


docked on the Balearic island, which also served as


for guests.

Laura Madrueño explained her choice of place: "The most wonderful sea is in Formentera. My dream was that people could live on board a boat for a weekend, because

where I am happiest is sailing on a sailboat,

in the sea, it is where I feel fullest. I wanted people to be able to experience that and take home

a memory, "

he tells



An anecdotal note is that the newlyweds

do not wear alliances.

The architect gave Laura a ring from the Alhambra de Yanes collection, and

Rolex Submariner watches, valued at

around 9,000 euros , will also

be exchanged .

It should be noted that both fiancés and guests

married barefoot.

Another detail was the song chosen for the big moment:


, by Joan Manuel Serrat.

It couldn't be the sea again and again as a leitmotif.

"It is the song of my parents. When it rang,

my father began to cry and he never does.

They told me that they have cried at this wedding what is not written," confesses the bride.

Such is her love for Formentera that they have decided

stay two more weeks and

spend their honeymoon on a sailboat.

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Something that Laura Madrueño wanted to guarantee was that the wedding would be completely

kind to the environment.

This is why all brands, from food to flowers, are sustainable.

As for the festivities, they began on Friday with a

dinner at the Hydrogen beach bar in Cala Olivera,

Ibiza, a place that is characterized by not using plastics and by local fishing and vegetables grown in a nearby garden.

The following day the great celebration took place, while on Sunday they enjoyed a

meal with the marine spirit as the main theme.

There was no lack of salmorejo, mussels from the area, rice dishes and a delicious goat cheese cake as a climax.

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