China News Service, June 21. Lv Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, introduced on the 21st that from 2012 to 2021, the national primary school net enrollment rate will increase from 99.85% to over 99.9%, and the junior high school gross enrollment rate will always remain at 100% above.

During the compulsory education stage, students from poverty-stricken families who have been registered and registered have achieved dynamic clearing, and the long-standing problem of dropping out has been historically resolved.

The special education promotion plan has been implemented continuously to effectively guarantee the equal rights of disabled children and adolescents to receive education. The compulsory education enrollment rate of school-age disabled children exceeds 95%.

Data map: Students take classes in the classroom.

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  The Ministry of Education held a press conference on the 21st.

At the meeting, Lv Yugang introduced the reform and development of the ten-year compulsory education.

He pointed out that there are 207,000 schools, 158 million students, and 10.57 million teachers in my country's compulsory education stage, which is the longest and largest school stage in the entire education system.

The successful implementation of compulsory education is related to the healthy growth of hundreds of millions of children, as well as to the development of the country and the future of the nation.

From 2012 to 2021, on the basis of the comprehensive popularization of compulsory education in my country, it took only about 10 years to further realize the basic balanced development of the county, which has become another new milestone in the development history of compulsory education in my country.

  It is mainly reflected in seven aspects:

  First, insist on prioritizing development, and the top priority of compulsory education is highlighted.

  The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to compulsory education, and have successively issued "Several Opinions on Promoting the Integrated Reform and Development of Compulsory Education in Urban and Rural Areas in County Areas", "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Education and Teaching and Improving the Quality of Compulsory Education in an All-round Way", and "Opinions on Further Reducing the Stage of Compulsory Education" It has further improved the policy guarantee system for compulsory education in terms of layout planning, school construction, funding, teaching staff, school management, and quality evaluation.

Economic and social development planning, financial capital investment, and public resource allocation will give priority to guaranteeing compulsory education. From 2012 to 2021, the fiscal compulsory education expenditure will increase from 1.17 trillion yuan to 2.29 trillion yuan, accounting for the same proportion of the national financial education expenditure. stay above 50%.

The main responsible comrades of the party and government at the provincial, municipal and county levels are personally responsible for the compulsory education work, and the good atmosphere of the whole society attaching importance to supporting the development of compulsory education is even stronger.

  Second, consolidate the level of popularization and ensure the full realization of compulsory education.

  The Ministry of Education focuses on the guarantee of compulsory education, improves the long-term mechanism for controlling dropouts and guarantees joint control and guarantees, strengthens cross-departmental data comparison and accurate mapping, and lists and supervises key areas to ensure that dropout students can be found, persuaded, and retained. .

From 2012 to 2021, the national primary school net enrollment rate will increase from 99.85% to over 99.9%, and the junior high school gross enrollment rate will remain above 100%.

During the compulsory education stage, the students from the poverty-stricken families who have been registered and registered in the compulsory education stage have been dynamically cleared, and the long-standing problem of drop-out has been historically solved.

The special education promotion plan has been implemented continuously to effectively guarantee the equal rights of disabled children and adolescents to receive education. The compulsory education enrollment rate of school-age disabled children exceeds 95%.

In 2021, there will be 920,000 special education students nationwide, an increase of 541,000 or 142.8% over 2012.

  Third, strengthen government responsibilities and continuously improve the funding guarantee mechanism.

  Adhere to the government's commitment to compulsory education, strengthen the investment responsibility of governments at all levels, gradually improve the level of compulsory education funding guarantee, and establish a unified urban and rural compulsory education funding guarantee mechanism with emphasis on rural areas.

From 2012 to 2021, the average expenditure of primary school students will increase from 7,447 yuan per student to 14,458 yuan per year, and the average expenditure of junior high school students will increase from 10,218 yuan to 20,717 yuan per student per year.

The standard of public funding per student has been raised many times, reaching the standard of 650 yuan for primary schools and 850 yuan for junior high schools in the east, central and western regions.

The public funding subsidy standard for special education students in the compulsory education stage has been raised to 7,000 yuan.

"Two exemptions and one subsidy" to achieve full coverage of urban and rural students.

Students from financially disadvantaged families should basically be helped.

The nutrition improvement plan benefits 37 million rural students every year, and the physical health pass rate of the beneficiary students has increased from 70.3% in 2012 to 86.7% in 2021.

  Fourth, the implementation of major projects has fundamentally improved the school's school-running conditions.

  Adhere to making up for shortcomings and realizing the bottom line, and realizing major projects such as "comprehensively improving the basic conditions for schools with weak compulsory education in poverty-stricken areas". The central government has invested more than 400 billion yuan in total, driving local investment of more than 1 trillion yuan, and focusing on solving the problem of "weak rural areas, weak schools, weak schools, and weak schools". Crowded cities and other prominent problems, narrow the gap between urban and rural schools in terms of running conditions.

From 2012 to 2021, the area of ​​teaching and auxiliary buildings per student in compulsory education schools nationwide will increase from 3.7 square meters to 5 square meters, the area of ​​sports fields per student will increase from 7.3 square meters to 8.2 square meters, and the per capita teaching equipment will be increased. The value has increased from 727 yuan to 2,285 yuan, the Internet access rate has increased from 25% to nearly 100%, and the proportion of large classes has dropped from 17.8% to 0.71%.

The basic conditions for running schools in compulsory education have been significantly improved, and problems such as dilapidated houses and large shops have been basically solved. In particular, the conditions for running schools in many rural areas in the central and western regions have achieved a qualitative leap, and "the best and safest buildings are in schools" has been recognized by the masses.

  Fifth, consolidate the foundation of education, and the quality of teachers has been significantly improved.

  Adhere to the construction of teaching staff as the basic work.

The standards for staffing and staffing of primary and secondary schools, especially rural schools, have been improved, and urban-rural and regional planning and dynamic management have been implemented.

In the past ten years, the total number of full-time teachers in compulsory education has increased from 9.09 million to 10.57 million, an increase of 1.48 million, and the proportion of teachers with a bachelor's degree or above has increased from 47.6% to 77.7%, which generally meets the basic needs of education and teaching.

Improve the teacher training and supplementary mechanism, and supply a large number of high-quality teachers to rural areas in the central and western regions through various channels such as the "special post program", public-funded normal students, and retired teaching support.

Establish a teacher exchange and rotation system to promote the flow of outstanding backbone teachers to rural and weak schools.

Strengthened ability and quality training, and the "National Training Program" has trained more than 17 million principals and teachers.

Guarantee teachers' salaries in accordance with the law, ensure that the average salary of compulsory education teachers is not lower than the average salary of local civil servants, improve the living allowances for rural teachers, support the construction of 433,000 sets of rural teachers' turnover dormitories, and strive to create a team of high-quality, dedicated and dedicated teachers. Rooted in rural teachers.

  Sixth, deepen the comprehensive management, and improve the students' growth environment in an all-round way.

  Adhere to the development of education with the people as the center, and strive to solve the hot and difficult issues that the people are generally concerned about by deepening comprehensive reforms.

Over the past ten years, the reform of compulsory education enrollment has been deepened. The policies of exempting admission from the nearest entrance and the "citizen recruitment" policy have been fully implemented. Illegal enrollment behavior has been fully regulated, the school choice fever has been greatly reduced, and enrollment opportunities have become more equitable; , based on the residence permit as the main basis", the enrollment policy for the children of migrant workers who moved to cities in 2021. In 2021, the proportion of children of migrant workers who migrated to cities during the compulsory education stage will be 90.9% studying in public schools and enjoying government-purchased private school degree services.

Promote the "double reduction" work with unprecedented strength, vigorously standardize off-campus training behavior, strengthen the role of school education as the main front, insist on both reducing burden and improving quality, strictly control the total amount and duration of students' homework, continuously improve the quality of homework design, and provide basic after-school services. It has achieved full coverage, promoted students to study better and returned to campus, and the excessive academic burden of students was significantly reduced.

  Standardize private compulsory education, optimize the structure of public and private education, and further strengthen the basic public service attributes of compulsory education.

Promulgate school management standards, stimulate the vitality of schools, actively promote group-based schools, and effectively expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources.

The measures for the management of student status of primary and secondary school students were introduced, and a national unified information management system for primary and secondary school students' student status was established.

Strengthen students' sleep, mobile phones, reading materials, examinations, physical fitness management and online game management, strengthen mental health and life safety education, and effectively protect students' physical and mental health.

  Seventh, the implementation of morality and cultivation of people will improve the overall quality of education and teaching.

  Fully implement the party's education policy, and actively build an education system that comprehensively cultivates morality, intelligence, physique, beauty, and labor.

Formulated the "Guidelines for Moral Education in Primary and Secondary Schools", continued to carry out education on topics such as "learning new ideas and being a good successor", "from primary school party history, and always following the party", and formed a number of effective "first lessons in school". The carrier of moral education guides students to cultivate the feelings of loving the party, patriotism, the people, and socialism.

Adhere to the simultaneous development of the five educations, revise the compulsory education curriculum plan and curriculum standards, and vigorously promote the opening of the national curriculum.

The labor education system in primary and secondary schools has been gradually improved, and schools in various regions have established a number of labor education experimental areas and practice bases to comprehensively and deeply promote the development of labor education.

  Deepen the reform and innovation of classroom teaching, improve the teaching and research work system, set up the Basic Education Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, strengthen the promotion and application of excellent teaching achievements, and improve science education and experimental teaching.

Implement the national education digitization strategy action, build a national smart education platform for primary and secondary schools, promote the sharing of high-quality educational resources, effectively serve the "suspended classes without stopping", implement the "double reduction" and the high-quality development of basic education.

The "Guidelines for the Quality Evaluation of Compulsory Education" were issued, and a scientific evaluation system oriented to the development of quality education was established.

Pay more attention to the collaborative education of family, school and society, and the concept of scientific education has gradually gained popularity in the hearts of the people.

The national compulsory education quality monitoring results show that students generally have positive life values, and about 80% of the students have achieved academic performance above the average level.

  The reform and development of the past ten years has not only improved the overall level of compulsory education, but also effectively promoted education fairness, improved the quality of the people, and enhanced the people's sense of gain and happiness. important contribution.

  Lu Yugang said that the development of compulsory education in my country has stood at a new historical starting point.

In accordance with the important deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on building a high-quality education system, we will continue to consolidate the results of basic and balanced development on the one hand, vigorously promote high-quality and balanced development on the other hand, and continue to narrow the gaps in regional, urban and rural, inter-school, and group education. Lay a solid foundation for the realization of high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education.