China News Service, June 21 (Xinhua) According to comprehensive foreign media reports, due to the unmet demand for wage increases, British railway workers began a general strike on the 21st local time.

Reuters said it was the largest rail strike in the UK in 30 years.

  The London Underground has also reportedly been largely closed due to the strike.

Many people are forced to work from home or find other alternatives to commute.

  Unions say the rail strike could mark the start of a "summer of discontent", with teachers, medical workers and even lawyers all set to take action as inflation rises.

  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said strike action would hurt businesses recovering from the pandemic.

  It was previously reported that the UK is experiencing its biggest economic contraction in decades, with soaring food and fuel prices pushing inflation close to 10%, but average base wages adjusted for inflation were not higher than they were in 2006.