In Ukraine, where Russia's military invasion continues, fierce battles continue over Severodonetsk, the Ukrainian base in eastern Luhansk Oblast.

Under these circumstances, the Ukrainian parliament seems to have the aim of eliminating Russia's influence by passing a bill banning the import of Russian publications.

Russia's Ministry of Defense, which continues its military invasion of Ukraine, attacked Ukrainian troops and weapons in eastern Luhansik and Donetsk Oblasts on the 20th, and attacked airfields with missiles in southern Odessa, destroying unmanned aircraft. And so on.

Of these, in Luhansk Oblast, which is aiming for complete control, it is said that it has taken control of the village in the suburbs of Severodonetsk, which is the base on the Ukrainian side, together with the local pro-Russian faction.

On the other hand, the American think tank "War Research Institute" said in an analysis released on the 19th, "Operations aimed at controlling the city of Severodonetsk had little success on the 19th. The strength of the troops is not enough. "It seems that the offensive and defensive battles over Severodonetsk are continuing.

Under these circumstances, the "Supreme Council", which is the parliament of Ukraine, will play and play music such as Russian singers and a bill banning the import of publications from Russia and Belarus on the 19th. We passed bills banning one after another.

It is expected to be approved with the signature of President Zelensky in the future.

The series of moves seems to reflect the growing anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine and aim to eliminate Russia's influence.

On the other hand, Russia's Putin administration claims that the Zelensky administration is persecuting Russian residents and justifies the military invasion, and it is possible that it will take a stronger stance against such movements on the Ukrainian side. I have.